Latest Windows 11 Insider Update Brings Major Android Gaming Improvement

Seeing as Android has always been more of an open software ecosystem, it was not that surprising to see the platform being made available in ways and places that Google probably would not have approved of. Also, Android unofficially made its way to laptops, desktops, and other types of computers long before Chromebooks started to offer support to run Android apps natively.

Latest Windows 11 Insider Update Brings Major Android Gaming Improvement

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Latest Windows 11 Insider Update Brings Major Android Gaming Improvement

Also, there are several ways for you to run Android on other operating systems like windows, and many of those are revolving around mobile games. Microsoft’s and Amazon collaboration is trying to make that somewhat official by launching the windows 11 doors to a much wider set of Android apps. This latest update nearly brought about the full circle by the main reason people want to run Android apps on windows.

Mobile gaming has become a very lucrative business, and its main pull and has always been the ability for you to play anywhere, and anytime. That is not entirely correct, of course, because there are times when it would be inconvenient or even less efficient for you to play a mobile game, like when you are already right looking at a computer.

Also, it might be the case that one does not have a smartphone capable of handling those titles, but a gaming-worthy PC might be available nearby. Android emulators like BlueStacks have turned that need into a business, but windows 11 has decided to take a step towards emulators obsolete.

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Joysticks and Gamepads Galore

Update Version 2206.40000.15.0 of the windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for Insiders adds support for making use of controllers in Android games. That includes not just gamepads but also includes joysticks mapped to the conventional WASD keys. Games that make use of swiping gestures to aim or slide can get via the keyboard’s arrow keys. All in all, the Android gaming experience on windows 11 should be a lot more comfortable now, presuming that the game actually offers support to controllers and not just touch gestures alone.

The update is also offering other improvements across the board, particularly for networking, settings, and graphics. One note that Microsoft is offering insiders, although, is that some VPN services might not properly work with WSA’s Advanced networking feature. If that seems to be the situation, Microsoft recommends simply that you turn the feature off in order to be able to reconnect the Android app to the internet.

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Small Issues

The news sits quite well with the windows subsystem for Android, if not for the fact that is not available at the moment anywhere outside the United States, at least, not officially, Microsoft does not have any to bring in five more countries to that list, but that would not be happening until the end of this year.

Another major issue here is that WSA is making use of Amazon’s Appstore and services, and some Android games and apps might actually not work properly in the absence of Google Play Services.

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