Intel Raptor Lake Shocks Users with 13700K CPU

Intel Raptor Lake shocks users with 13700K CPU seen at 6.2GHz overclock. This core i7 – 13700K leak is coming with spillage on the 13900K processor also.

Intel Raptor Lake Shocks Users with 13700K CPU

Intel Raptor Lake Shocks Users with 13700K CPU

Intel’s Raptor Lake processors have been seen in a couple of leaks, with the rumor mill cranking into speed around these 13th-gen chips, and purported pre-release samples of the Core i9-13900K and Core i7-13700K have also been spotted – with the latter running at a high speed of 6.2GHz.

Let’s kick things off with that 13700K leak that VideoCardz flagged up. It consists of a qualification sample chip, meaning it is essentially a finished CPU that is sent out for testing, benchmarked on CPU-Z all the while being clocked at almost 6.2GHz (6185MHz) across all of its performance cores (with the efficiency cores running at 4189MHz), as shared and cited on Twitter by QXE.

You should however note that this isn’t QXE’s benchmarking, but rather a third-party from Discord. That being said, you should apply some extra skepticism at this point on top of the usual caution around any leak. But, however, if it is genuine, it’s pretty impressive to see the 13700K reach up to that clock speed. However, what we don’t know at the moment is anything in regards to the cooling being used.

Single-Core Benchmark Result on CPU-Z Matched 1,010

Furthermore, the single-core benchmark result on CPU-Z matched 1,010, which is very high and speedy, and outdoes the recent Raptor Lake leaks we’ve seen so far. Multi-core on the other hand was less impressive at 11,877, but then hyper-threading was disabled.

Wccftech also sighted a second raptor lake leak from Baidu citing an engineering sample core i9 – 13900K. Making use of a similar voltage to the 13700K above, this was overclocked to 6GHz but the efficiency cores however were disabled. The flagship however got a score of 976 for single core in CPU-Z.

The most interesting part with this second piece of spillage is sighting the 13900K get to 6GHZ making use of standard cooling. This means nothing exotic but just an all in one liquid cooling setup, so the leaker claims.


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