Google’s Search Results Were Broken for A Few Minutes

Google’s search results were broken for a few minutes as the lists of blue links were gone for some time.

Google’s Search Results Broken

Google’s Search Results Broken

For a couple of minutes on Tuesday evening, if you attempted searching for something on Google, your search results may not e looking right as the actual list of blue links was missing. In many searches carried out while the issue was still on, users would see things such as the Top Stories box as well as the info ox on the side, but the list of links was just not there.

The incident was not directed to a region alone or just one person as there were nearly 20,000 reports of issues on Downdetector. And many other users were taking to Twitter to report problems as well.

Google Confirmed the Incident to the Verge

In a statement to The Verge, Google confirmed that something shortly went wrong. “There was a very brief issue affecting the availability of results for some searches, limited to the Americas region, and it was quickly addressed,” a Google spokesperson Lara Levin stated.

The Importance of Google Search to People

And even though the problem did not last for a long time, it was quite frustrating and also highlighted just how much many people relied on Google searches to get their way around the internet. The issue also underscored just how much extra cruft can find their way to search results despite the fact of how many other things people would see in results. People did not just know how much they used the links on Google searches until they were gone.



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