Google’s Emergency SOS via Satellite Will Launch Soon

Google’s Emergency SOS via satellite will launch soon. One of the best features and equally a life-saving feature of the iPhone 14 will be finding its way to Google messages soon, users have to keep their fingers crossed.

Google’s Emergency SOS

Google’s Emergency SOS

Tech Company Google is now seemingly getting ready to launch a version of the Emergency SOS via satellite feature of the iPhone 14 on its messages app as per data miners and leakers.

Following through the RCS messaging update that reportedly made the protocol the default for all Google Messages users (and even got to bring encryption to Messages group chats), data miners have now discovered a couple of UI elements for a satellite messaging service within the app.

Seen and shared by Neïl Rahmouni and Mishaal Rahman on X (formerly known as Twitter) placeholder text and systems for emergency satellite communications are at the moment being developed with the Google Messages app.

This really is not too much of a surprise, as Google already has admitted prior to this that satellite communication support is coming with Android 14. What is interesting here, however, is that the feature in question is being baked into the Google Messages app which is a decision that may help to further cement the service as the default communications app of a user over rivals such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

When Google Launches Satellite Communications

Unfortunately, when Google does get to launch satellite communications, not every phone that is running Android 14 will be able to make use of it. And that is due to the fact that the feature not only requires software support, but it just needs appropriate modem hardware too.

You should know that phones that are optimized for Android 14, such as the rumored Google Pixel 8, will very much probably include the necessary parts and some older phones (such as the Google Pixel 7) seem to have the very hardware for satellite comms too – however, many phones will reportedly be left out. The Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup notably does not include a satellite modem, despite the fact that it runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform of Qualcomm, which as you should know can support it.

Will This Feature Make the Light of Day

That being said, we should all still take these rumor mills with a pinch of salt, and also remember that no phone officially has satellite communications until the manufacturer gets to announce it. There is always a chance that the feature in question is delayed and it just might still come to Android 14, but however not at launch, or it could even be pushed back further to Android 15 and way beyond.

Emergency SOS – A Life-Saving Feature

Emergency SOS on the iPhone 14 as you should know has already proven itself to be a really life-saving add-on.

There have been several stories regarding people making use of the tool to help them escape a dangerous situation that they just might not otherwise have survived normally. One of the most recent instances is of a family that was caught in the Maui wildfires in Hawaii; the five people in question were surrounded by the flames and really didn’t have any cell service to be able to reach out or call for help, but with the Emergency SOS feature of Apple, they got in contact with the fire department and were reportedly rescued within 30 minutes.

Hearing stories such as this it’s clear that Emergency SOS via satellite messaging is a must-have safety feature for every device so Google hopefully does manage to bring it to Android very soon, and then helps to make the feature more ubiquitous.



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