Google Set To Merge Google Duo and Meet Tools

Google set to merge Google Duo and Meet tools and the merger is currently underway. For Google duo users, it is nearly time to say their final goodbyes for good.

Google Set To Merge Google Duo and Meet Tools

Google Set To Merge Google Duo and Meet Tools

The merger of the meet and Google duo platforms are presently underway with android users reportedly the first to get the upgrade.

Changes are coming to your android video calls and they are huge. Google is set to roll out the very first part of its upgrade that is aimed at sunsetting the Google duo. Google video conferencing tool and service which was first released back in 2016 soon will become Google’s meet as the company is looking set to combine both its consumer and enterprise tools into one single platform.

The first phase of the planned merger has started and is now rolling out to Android users as they can now download and update to the new version of the software and find out more about what to expect.

Google Sent Alerts to Users about the Upgrade

Users that are now upgrading to the latest version of Google duo are now seeing an alert and notification when they are opening up the app notifying them about the change as per 9to5Google.

The notification reads ‘Duo is getting even better. Your Duo app will become Meet, with a new name and icon, and more features like background effects.’

The company also provided a link to users for them to learn about Google meet where it revealed a number of the many useful upgrades and new additions.

Some of the new features to be anticipated by users include in-meeting chat, starting up a call with 100 participants and applying visual effects, and applying virtual backgrounds.

What You Need To Start Using the New Software

In order for users to make use of this new software, they only need to sign in with a Google account. With a Google account, they get to try out the new software and get access to all of its features. Accounts set up with a phone number on the other hand will not be able to make use of meetings.

The company says ‘Google Meet features will be added to the Google Duo app through app updates. By the end of 2022, the updated Duo app will then be renamed Google Meet.’

Existing Google Duo Users Will Still Be Able To Make Use of the App

Users of Duo will still be able to make use of the app. Google cites that it will keep all the tools that have made the app so popular and this is including making calls with a phone number or email address, sending messages, using effects and filters, and asking Google Assistant to make calls using existing devices.

The company also added that all user conversation history in duo including messages and contacts will continue to be saved in the app. Also, there will be no new app to download or extra costs to pay.


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