New WhatsApp Update Will Allow Users to React However They Want

The New WhatsApp update will allow users to react however they want. The newly revamped emoji reactions on WhatsApp currently is rolling out and users should watch out for it.

New WhatsApp Update Will Allow Users to React However They Want

New WhatsApp Update Will Allow Users to React However They Want

Messaging app WhatsApp is now rolling out a small update on its platform that would have a significant impact on how users respond to each other on the application.

The feature is coming to both iOS and android therefore users will soon be able to react to messages with any kind of emoji they want on want on WhatsApp without the current six. And looking at the announcement video, users should be expecting new skin tones other than the usual cartoonish yellow. This very change is coming to the platform after developers of the app added the first round of emoji reactions which also is another update that is mostly requested.

You Can Now Update Your WhatsApp to See the New Update

Right now, you can simply update your WhatsApp app to see if the newly revamped emoji reactions are available to you. As for now, it is not clear when the feature will be available to everyone in regards to a release date. It however shows that the update is coming out in sections and not all at once. This means that in case you do not see the update after checking for the first time, you should do well to check again.

For users on the other hand that does not get the update, they will notice that the new update functions similarly to the emoji reaction feature on Instagram. That being said, they will have to long-press on a message and then tap on the plus icon which will bring up the complete emoji library.

Other Revamped Features by WhatsApp

WhatsApp currently is working on two more new features that will improve upon chat logs and privacy asides from the new emoji reactions.

The first change that will be coming to the platform will allow users to sync their chat logs over multiple mobile devices. The feature and change is very similar to how Apple’s iMessage works. This means that if you log onto WhatsApp on another device, you will immediately have an updated chat without you having to miss out on anything. Reports already state that the feature will launch on both iOS and android and since the update still is in its early development that may be a while.

The other significant change on the platforms will let users hide their online status. Users can now either allow everyone on the platform to see if they are online or configure it to match with their last seen status which now has its own options as per WABetaInfo. And if a user on the platform wants to match their online status to last seen, they can select from ‘my contacts,’ ‘everyone,’ ‘nobody,’ or ‘my contacts except’. The ‘my contacts except’ option will let you select the people on your contacts list that can see your online status.

According to claims by WABetaInfo, hiding an online status has been highly requested by users that want to make use of the app without having to be disturbed by other users or if they feel like being stalked by someone. Currently, the feature is still under development and it will be a while before there will be an official launch. WABetaInfo states that the feature will come out on android, iOS, and also the desktop version of WhatsApp.


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