Google Reportedly Drops Support for Dropcam and Nest Secure

Google reportedly drops support for Dropcam and Nest Secure as it offers upgrades. The company will now provide discounts for users that are still utilizing the services of these home devices.

Google Dropcam and Nest Secure

Google Dropcam and Nest Secure

Google on Friday said that it would end support for the Dropcam and Nest Secure security devices. Starting on April 8, 2024, both devices in question will no longer function and they will cease to work with the Nest app.

And for those users who own Dropcams or Nest Secure, the company did send offers to upgrade their devices. Nest Secure users however are being offered a Self Setup System from ADT or $200 to utilize on the Google Store. Subscribers of Nest Aware with a Dropcam can now get an indoor wired Nest Cam from Google for absolutely nothing, while non-subscribers on the other hand will get a 50% discount off a new indoor wired Nest Cam.

When Will the Program End

Google has also set the date of Sept. 29 for when the Works with Nest program will cease, which it initially announced back in 2019. The program as you should know started back in 2014 as a medium for third-party smart home devices that can easily connect to Nest. Google Once the Sept. 29 date rolls around is providing a script editor for users to continue creating home automation, and it is also working on replacement options for its users and subscribers.

The Reason for the Changes

This discontinuation of support for these products by Google is part of the company’s efforts to unify its smart home products in a bid to work with Google Home and Google Assistant.



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