Google Chromecast on the Move This Season

“Google Chromecast on the Move This Season”. After the long wait, goggle has finally introduced ways for its users of the streaming adapters and smart speakers to be able to confidently move media between those devices. The company has finally dimmed it fit to introduce a new feature called stream transfer Tuesday that makes moving an ongoing music stream, podcast, or YouTube video from one compactable device to the next doable.

The launched devices include Google home and nest smart speakers, as well as the Google nest smart displays and Chromecast, equipped TVs. Furthermore, the transfer of the stream can be done via a voice command like “Hey Google, move music to the living room speaker,” through the Google Home app on the mobile device or through a new media interface or nest smart displays.

Google Chromecast on the Move This Season

Google Chromecast on the Move This Season

The new Chromecast is like Roku Streamer or Fire TV. You can also plug it into the TV and be offered different menus of streaming shows and apps to watch via Google TV. You can also use Google search to select what you want to watch. The users of the Google Chromecast can also start watching a YouTube video on their nest hub or nest hub max smart display, and then press the cast button to move it to their TV that is equipped with Chromecast.

They can alternatively, move videos with a voice command. In the case of music podcasts, users can also choose to transfer their music from a single speaker to a speaker group, if you have grouped speakers together via the Google Home app. This makes it possible to be able to preview songs on one speaker, and then storm the entire house with them.

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How to Connect a Google Home to your TV using Chromecast

Below are the guidelines on how to connect an already setup Chromecast but before you go further make sure you have downloaded the Google Home app

  • First off, make sure the mobile device you are using is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google home and your Chromecast. Also, ensure the TV is on and set to the right source for the Chromecast.
  • Next, you open the Google Home app on your mobile device.
  • On the home screen of the app, tap the device you intend to link, your TV
  • Open the settings, then tap add to a home. Choose what home you’ll be adding to
  • Tap on next then select the room your TV is in. the TV will then appear on your home screen, under the room’s name it was assigned to.

How to Connect to a New Chromecast

Below are the details on how to connect to a new Chromecast;

  • Ensure that the mobile device you are going to use is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Home. Then make sure your Chromecast is connected to the TV.
  • Make sure you open the Google Home app.
  • Thirdly tap on add then set up the device then finally, set up the new devices in your home
  • Make a selection of which home you want to add the Chromecast too, then tap on next
  • The app will look for devices for a moment. After that, you will be asked the kind of device you want to set up, which is your TV, then tap on next.
  • Both the TV and mobile device will show a code. Make sure the code you see on your TV matches the code on your mobile device, and then tap yes.
  • You will be asked if you wish to send data from your TV to Google, answer yes or no.
  • Tap the name of the room you have your TV, and tap next
  • Tap continue
  • Tap on next twice to complete your setup.

This is one of the best ever Google innovation that is well rated and accepted by all.

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