Google Pixel Watch – Everything So Far

Google Pixel Watch. The first smartwatch created by Google was revealed by during the Google I/O 2022 and stated that it would be arriving next fall. The company explains that the new smartwatch combines with the best of its technology, is built on wear OS, and it has health and fitness features from Fitbit. “The very first Watch made inside and out by Google,” is the company’s mantra for the product.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

Several features were confirmed by Google for the new Smartwatch. Users would be able to link their pixel family – pixel phones, earbuds, and Pixel watch – to switch between devices and control everything from any device.

Users would also be able to find their smartwatch make use of their other google devices and control their smart home via the watch. The Google Suite of products, from Maps to Gmail to the wallet and other wear OS features are also confirmed. All those that are interested in getting updates on the availability can be signed up on the official product page by Google.

The pixel watch cost is yet to be revealed. As stated by Techradar users should not expect it to come at a low-product price, with leaks reportedly setting the price to be around $300 to $400. The company stated that the smartwatch will arrive this fall, meaning that we would likely see it fully revealed in either September, October, or possibly as late as November.

Design and Features

With the pixel watch’s design, Google wants to differentiate itself from the square and boxy Apple Watch by utilizing circular and dome designs. The watch is made of recycled stainless steel and has customizable bands. The tactile crown is expected to be the main command, alongside the touchscreen. However, Google is expected to release it with an extra form of input: gestures.

According to reports that Google filed a patent in 2020 for motion gestures that work on the Google Pixel Watch. The watch is expected to pick up calls, Swipe Songs, or recognize when users want attention with this new technology. The Gesture technology first debuted in the Pixel 4 with the name Soli, developed by Google’s ATAP research department.

Soli is a small chip that makes use of a mini radar to allow devices to understand human gestures and human levels of engagement. From micro-finger gestures to full hand movements and even heartbeats and other biosignals, Soli enables the users to skip songs, snooze alarms, and even silence phone calls without having to touch the device. However, Google is yet to confirm that the pixel watch will possess features or other gesture technology.

Health and Fitness Integration

Google revealed that the Google Pixel watch would come with fitness tracking with active zone minutes, Stats, progress, personal fitness goals, continuous heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and more. This is considered to be the more Fitbit side of the pixel watch seeing as Google Acquire the company for a whopping 2.1 billion dollars.

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