How to Change Your Netflix Region

If you want to get your hands on new content on Netflix, then you might need the steps on How to Change Your Netflix Region. Nowadays, Netflix has gotten quite ubiquitous as the TV set was in every living room some years ago. You find everyone binging on their best movies and TV shows based on the platform’s abundance of great content that serves almost every type of audience.

How to Change Your Netflix Region

How to Change Your Netflix Region

Aside from just offering users some convenient way to watch their movies and TV shows straight from the location that they prefer, also Netflix has stirred up the whole film-making industry, leading nearly every major production company to jump aboard the online streaming bandwagon.

Despite the grandeur of Netflix, it still has some big downside: it restricts a lot of content to specific regions instead of making everything globally available. This is usually in compliance with the local viewership regulations and to promote and prioritize locally relevant content for the masses.

Netflix pricing plans also varies significantly between different country to another, and the decision to limit some content in any region could balance profitability with offering consumers what they want the most. But if you want to explore content from other countries, we have a quick guide for you to follow.

How to Change Your Netflix Region on An Android or iOS Device

Netflix has regional restrictions, and the best way to bypass these limitations is via making use of a virtual private network, or VPN, that can trick service providers into thinking you are accessing their platforms from another region. One of the primary reasons to make use of a VPN is to be able to watch Netflix straight from other countries.

In the past, Netflix blocked the IPs of users making use of VPN to browse content from a different country. But just as expected, Netflix’s blocked the Ips of users making use of a VPN to browser content straight from a different country. But, as expected, users on Netflix’s Fight against VPNs were doomed to fail – also, it could also catch up with the blows by VPN users despite help from other technology companies includes PayPal.

Netflix does not allow users to browse through the site using a VON but warns that you would only see the content available globally and not from a specific location. This is mainly because only some VPN services can actually work seamlessly with Netflix. Comparitech has tested over 59 different VPN services to test full Netflix support in about 30 regions and notes that the top five VPNs for streaming include:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • PrivateVPN

Immediately you get the VPN set upright on your device, iPhone, or iPad, you can began by simply opening the VPN app and choosing the location that you wish to be seen. You will also be able to browse through Netflix content from the country that you have selected.

How to Change Your Netflix Region on Desktop

In other to watch Netflix on a Windows, Mac, or a Linux computer, you would be required to follow similar steps. Start by getting a VPN service subscription and downloading its app or browser extension on your computer. Now simply select a country where the VPN app is and head over to the Netflix that is on your browser. Continue to the homepage right after selecting the desired profile and you can began enjoying the movies or TV shows that were unavailable in your region.

Besides selecting the best VPN service for you based on the pricing, it is also very important that you select a VPN that does not log out your browsing data with them. also, you can make use of a free VPN service such as Cloudflare Warp, but that does not guarantee that you would be able to access content from all the countries globally.


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