Google Photos is Bringing Unlimited Storage Back

Google Photos is Bringing Unlimited Storage Back, and trust me you dont’t want to miss it. Do you remember back then when Google offered free and unlimited storage to users that backed up their photos to the cloud at slightly lower-than-original-quality settings? This feature would come in handy among the top reasons Google Photos emerged as a popular photo backup tool. Well unfortunately this was ended in June 2021 when Google decided to bring an end to the unlimited free storage option.

Google Photos is Bringing Unlimited Storage Back

Google Photos is Bringing Unlimited Storage Back

In 2022, people the were offered access to unlimited storage Google Photos are folks who make use of older pixel smartphones. Unlimited Google storage cannot be accessed on Pixel 6 devices either even as a paid option. And at the moment, there are no plans to bring the feature to future pixel smartphones.

This is the reason why we were surprised when T-Mobile recently announced that they would be working with Google to come up with a special tier of Google One. As a part of the package, T-mobile subscribers would not just be offered 2 TB of cloud storage, but they would also get the much sought-after unlimited Google Photos storage option back. To add as a part of this tier, images and videos that were backed up to Google Photos would not count against the 2TB of Google One Storage.

What to Benefit

Unlike previously, where an option for unlimited backup was free, T-mobile users would be required to shell out $15 a month for the privilege. Note that this would include the 2TB of separate Google Storage also. Given the fact that Google does not offer unlimited Google photos storage even with its paid Google One Plans, this seems like a great deal.

Another major difference is that this plan is offering users the option to back up their photos at full resolution. This was not the case with the much older free backup option, where you had to back the images and videos up at lower quality settings in other to take advantage of the free storage.

Google Unlimited Storage to Go Live Soon

As stated by Phandroid, this plan would be going live on the 26 of April 2022, following which new and existing T-Mobile customers get to sign up for the offer at any T-Mobile retail service location. To add to the plan, T-Mobile is also offering the option to opt for a much cheaper $5 plan that offers 500GB storage and another plan for $10 that is offering 2TB storage – without the unlimited Google Photos benefit.

These Google One plans are available to all T-Mobile Postpaid users. Once activated, the benefits would be applied to both Android and iOS devices. T-Mobile also allows users to try these Google One features entirely for Free for a period of one month, after which committing to a longer duration would require payment.


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