The Google Photo Update: How to Update Google Photos Backup (Desktop Uploader) To Latest Version

A huge photo Google change is here. The Google photo update gives you the power to be able to change how photos and videos Google Photos is a great way to back up and store photos you’ve taken on your phone or tablet, and it also offers you ways to edit them – soon, videos will be subject to a wide range of editing tools too, as a new update for the Google service is rolling out.

The Google Photo Update

“Google Photos has become more than just an app to manage your photos; it’s become the home for your life’s memories.”

The Google Photo Update

It seems likely, then, that the new Google Photos update is slowly rolling out with certain countries or devices getting it first – it seems likely, though, that most users will be able to get the video editing software in the coming weeks.

While the new Google Photos update won’t exactly give you a portable Premiere Pro or Avid workstation, it’ll be useful for sprucing up videos with minor errors.

How Photo Updates Work

In case you don’t understand how the photo update works, read below;

  • Photo updates let customers add individual or multiple photos with or without text.
  • Customers can add multiple photo updates to a business, unlike reviews, which they can only write once.
  • Photo updates are currently displayed in the “Reviews” tab of your Business Profile in the Google Maps app. The photos will display before the optional text. They look similar to reviews but don’t have a star rating.
  • Individual photos from photo updates can also be found in the “Photos” tab on all platforms and devices.
  • You can reply to photo updates in the Google Maps app in the same way you reply to reviews. Learn how to read and reply to your reviews.
  • At this time, photo updates aren’t displayed in the Google My Business website or in the Google My Business app.
  • Businesses won’t be able to add a photo update. Learn how to add photos with posts.
  • Owners or managers of the business won’t get notified about new photo updates, but they’ll be notified of new photos added to their business.

How to Update Google Photos Backup (Desktop Uploader) To Latest Version

Below are the guidelines on how to update your Google photos backup to the latest version;

  • Click on the Auto Backup Icon in the system tray in the lower right of the windows desktop and select “About…”
  • If the version is earlier than build 248 after installing Picasa, click on Help in the auto backup Icon and then click the Google Photos Backup link in the first paragraph.
  • On that page download the “Desktop Uploader” App.
  • Run the downloaded installer to update G+ Auto Backup to replace it with Google Photos Backup.
  • Make sure in Settings that Photo size is set to High Quality (free unlimited storage) unless you have purchased extra Google Drive storage (so you can upload original size photos).
  • Google Photos Backup will rescan your computer for photos to upload and will say it is backing up all your photos, but it will actually only backup the photos that were not yet backed up.
  • Get the latest Google Photos Backup version from here:
  • Try installing the app. If it just quits silently and is not the latest version in “About,” do the following steps: Start the Windows registry editor: One way is to hold down the Windows key and hit the R key on the keyboard In the Run box that opens, type: Regedit, then click the OK button.
  • In the left column, navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Photos Backup and find the REG_SZ key “Installed Version”
  • Either delete the Installed Version key or change the last number to a smaller number.
    For instance, if it is 239, change it to 238.
  • Exit the Registry editor.
  • Google Photo Backup should now reinstall correctly. You can get more details by clicking here.

The new Google Photos update won’t change your life, but it’ll be really useful for people who like shooting videos and want to make the most of them. You can get more details about the Google photo update here.


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