Google Just Made It Easier For Users to Find Exactly What They Are Looking For

Google just made it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for as quoted search feature now has an all-important upgrade.

Google Just Made It Easier For Users to Find Exactly What They Are Looking For

Google Just Made It Easier For Users to Find Exactly What They Are Looking For

The tech company is tweaking the medium in which quoted searches now work on the Google search engine and also improving the touch to search feature on the mobile chrome app. Quoted search here simply refers to the time you place quotation marks around a search term and Google then shows you the result that has the exact words.

The main problem with the previous style was that search results by Google did not reveal the place the term appeared on the page. In order to get this information, you will have to dig for a bit. But as of now, a small snippet will show just below the search results showing you the exact place where you can locate the quoted term in bod texts. It however seems that the update is already in effect as we had to try it out on our own end.

The Reason the Feature Was Not Added Earlier

Yonghao Jin, the software engineer at Google in a blog post on the updates explained that the main reason the snippet wasn’t added at first is that some web pages made it quite difficult to implement. Specific phrases may be just behind a different part of the website entirely or a page menu/ that being said you will have to spend a considerable amount of time finding it. And despite this issue, Google made the decision on going ahead with the snippet update.

Google however admits that the changes to the snippets are neither global nor perfect. In the vent that a web page has the quoted term many times, “the snippet may not show all of them if they are [too] far apart from each other.” For desktop, bolded terms will most likely be exclusive. The recent announcement cites that the bold text will not appear in snippets that are found on certain search modes such as images or news nor even on mobile.

Tweaks on Mobile Chrome App

In regards to chrome mobile, a couple of tweaks were made to its touch to search feature.

The touch to Search feature lets users highlight specific words or phrases in other to quickly make searches without needing to exit the page. And upon updating Google Chrome on our mobile device, we can also at this moment confirm that the update is out.

The tool now has more grand control over how users interact with and makes use of the feature. In and within the Chrome Settings menu, you can easily enable the “Include surrounding text in Google results” option. This will include the text around a highlighted word in a Google search for accurate and better results.

Also being tweaked are accepted hand gestures. This is so as Google states it’s recently standardized the process. Prior to this, you had to tap and hold down on a word in order to highlight it. That being said, Chrome now recognizes a single tap for highlighting.

Google Is Now Working On New Chrome Features

The announcement recently made also revealed that Google is working on new Chrome features; one of the features it’s currently adding is suggestions based on the word or phrase that you highlighted. For instance, if you highlight the word “San Francisco,” you may get to see suggestions for “San Francisco events” or “San Francisco population.”


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