One of the Most Useful Tools of Windows 11 Is Set To Be Introduced To Windows 10

One of the most useful tools of windows 11 is set to be introduced to windows 10. After making its debut in windows 11, the pin-protected printing feature and a host of other features will be making their way to windows 10.

One of the Most Useful Tools of Windows 11 Is Set To Be Introduced To Windows 10

One of the Most Useful Tools of Windows 11 Is Set To Be Introduced To Windows 10

Microsoft is now set to bring the pin-protected printing feature to its windows 10 operating systems after initially making its premier on the windows 11 operating system. The tech company has a ‘scoped set of features’ that it is planning on bringing over from windows 11 in a bid to bring over from widows 10 more natural which are set to be shared among both operating systems in the nearest future to come.

The tech company in an effort to stop making duplicate printouts most especially in busy workplaces and offices, users of windows 11 and now windows 10 are now able to set a pin on their computers. And only when this pin is entered in the printer will the files be printed. It is that simple.

Pin Protected Printing Feature on Windows 10 Operating System

This move is not just linked to a proposed increased privacy and security, but given the fact that we are now in an environmentally age, it also should help to drive down the wastage of paper.

Customers of enterprise also are getting a feature that is related to printing that is bridged over to windows 10 OS, the print support app. This app is designed to help support new features and for offices and workplaces to help print workflows to the print experience without having to install more drivers.

Users of Windows 11 also have valued focus assistance for the operating system do not disturb mode. This will allow users to continue receiving important, notifications that will help save time irrespective of the status of the do not disturb mode.

When Will This Feature Be Available For Public Use and Access

Users however should also know that the windows 11 printing and do not disturb features are coming to the windows 10 operating system with build number 19044. 1806 which is presently available for testing in the release preview channel.

At the moment there is no news in regards to when this build which has been in testing since June 2022 will become available to the public.  And at the main time, you can check out the complete list of additions and fixes on the windows blog site.


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