Google Facing another Lawsuit from the Justice Department

Google facing another lawsuit from the justice department. The reported lawsuit will be focusing on the dominant position of Google in the online ad market and industry, Bloomberg reports.

Google Facing another Lawsuit from the Justice Department

Google Facing another Lawsuit from the Justice Department

The US Justice Department at the moment is ready to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google, charging that the tech company has an unfair dominance over the digital advertisement market. The case in question is expected to be filed in federal court before the end of this current week, as per a Monday report by Bloomberg citing unidentified sources.

The expected lawsuit is coming just as Congress, the Justice Department, the UK, and the EU move to rein in on Big Tech. the US senate once introduced a bill known as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act which could reportedly curb the influence of apple, amazon, and Google in the e-commerce marketplaces and industry.

Google Has Been Under Scrutiny from Regulators in the EU and US for Its Ad Tech Business

The huge ad tech business of Google has for some time now been under scrutiny from regulators in the EU and US. Google reportedly offered to let third-party ad platforms on YouTube in a bid to settle an ongoing antitrust investigation by the European Union without getting to pay a big fine. Google back in the United States also faces an ongoing lawsuit in Texas that alleges its ad tech business harms rivals directly by engaging in “false, deceptive, or misleading acts.”

Second Monopoly Case of the Justice Department against Google

The lawsuit in question would represent the second monopoly case of the justice department against Google. The justice department back in 2020 filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google for its dominance in the search industry as well as its alleged efforts to suppress competition in search. The lawsuit in question is still working its way through the legal system.

Google Is Trying To Address the New Lawsuit

Google on its part has tried to address the concerns of the department in a bid to prevent the new lawsuit. The company reportedly stated to the justice department in the previous year that it is willing to share its ad business.

What Google and the Justice Department Has To Say about the New Development

The justice department when requested for a comment did not respond immediately and Google on the other hand declined to make any comment on the matter.


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