Google Drive Update Set To Axe a Frustrating File Sharing Issue

Google Drive update set to axe a frustrating file sharing issue. Users can now share files on the platform with non-Google account holders.

Google Drive Update Set To Axe a Frustrating File Sharing Issue

Google Drive Update Set To Axe a Frustrating File Sharing Issue

An update has just been announced by Google for cloud storage service, Drive. This update will make collaborations across various businesses easier for all parties involved.

And as described in a new blog post, the existing visitor sharing feature on Google drive will now extend its capabilities to give people and users without a Google account access to files. Users will now be able to upload content to shared folders that are managed by Google workspace customers also as well as be able to view, comment on and make edits to Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The Market for Productivity and Office Software Is Dominated By Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Although there are few other players in the industry, the market for productivity and office software is very much dominated by two suites and they are Google workspace and Microsoft 365. And according to data that is collected recently on behalf of TechRadar Pro, Microsoft 365 is the best option for 58.2% of businesses in the US, while 15% on the other hand opt for Google’s suite.

While healthy competition in the market will be advantageous to customers, problems can however arise when businesses are made to collaborate with organizations that do not subscribe to the same software bundle. And to address this very problem, both Google and Microsoft have made accommodations in limiting the amount of friction faced by customers and also make it easier for them to migrate within and between suites in the event that businesses opt to change providers.

How Will the Latest Update Help?

Microsoft word documents for instance can be ported into Google docs, and Google slides on the other hand can be downloaded in a format that is suitable and compatible with PowerPoint. You should also know that the launch of visitor sharing for Google Drive equally removed a couple of barriers that are associated with file sharing across interested organizations and parties.

The latest update however will take the update a step further thus making it very possible for external collaborators to upload files and o also create content within Google drive with the ability to also get access to pre-existing documents.

The New Google Drive Feature Will Not Be Available To Every User

The main takeaway from the whole thing is that the new Google drive feature will not be available to every user. Most paying customers although will have access to the feature but it will not extend to those users on Business Starter and enterprise essential plans, not legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers.

The ability for non-Google users to contribute to shared drive folders will not available to holders of personal accounts whether or not they pay for a subscription.


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