Google Chrome to Allow Users Share Passwords with Family Members More Securely

Google Chrome to allow users to share passwords with family members more securely. This is somewhat of good news to users on the platform. And with that being said, you should also know that password sharing on the platform will only work via Google’s family groups.

Google Chrome Share Passwords

Google Chrome Share Passwords

We have just been treated to yet another leak from Chrome which reveals just exactly how a previously leaked feature, which is the option to share passwords with other Chrome users on the platform, will work.

This leak again comes from a font of much browser-related knowledge on X (a social media platform that was formerly Twitter), Leopeva64.

Leopeva64 prior to this discovered the ability to share passwords on the password management page of Chrome (which was in testing, back at the end of June), and right about now they have just found out how this works.

You will now be able to click and share passwords, well, the ones that you have stored within the Chrome platform, but however with only those who are members of a Google family group. You should also know that if you haven’t set up a family group on Google Chrome, trying to make use of this very feature will prompt you to do so.

What Is a Family Group on Chrome

Well, if it is that you have been following me up on this post, this should be your next question. The name in question pretty much gives it away. That said, this is a small group – of up to six – of your family members with which you can easily and effectively share things from the Google ecosystem. (With those shareable elements that are consisting of passwords, as noted – plus the family group in question also facilitates functionality such as setting ground rules for what your kids can get to do online).

How Will This Feature Affect Users

This is quite a pretty nifty feature, in theory, although you should note that it is one that is still very much in development for Google’s Chrome browser. And just as shown in a shared tweet, while the groundwork is all in place for the sharing passwords ability, it however still doesn’t work as a ‘something went wrong’ error gets to pop up when you attempt to make use of it.

When the feature in question is finally working and then rolled out to the finished version of the Chrome browser, it will be a very useful tool when it is that you want to give another family member access to one of your online accounts for whatever reason you deem fit. It will make this quite a seamless and even more secure process – well, certainly more secure than, say, jotting down your login details on a jotter note or on a post-it note for that person.



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