GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2024 (Up to $100,000 in Prizes)

The food sector in Africa is currently confronted with increasing difficulties in climate resilience, food security, and nutrition. The demand for innovative solutions to address these urgent challenges has never been more crucial.

GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition

GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition

Suppose you’re an agripreneur leading the effort to address these challenges and have an innovative business that’s making a significant positive difference in the agrifood industry. In that case, they’re interested in hearing your story and learning from you.


There will be 2 winners who will receive a total prize amount of $100,000.

  • Each winner will receive a grand prize of $50,000 each.
  • The judges will seek out ventures that have made a significant contribution in areas such as improving rural livelihoods, nutrition, climate-related solutions, technology, gender impact, natural resources conservation, and job creation.
  • Facilitated participation at the Agribusiness Deal Room and a chance to take part in the 2025 GoGettaz Africa Leadership Program will be offered to top finalists.

Eligibility Criteria

The Entrepreneur

  • entrepreneur must be 35 years old or younger on the date of submission and be legally recognized as an adult in their country of nationality.
  • The entrepreneur must hold a national ID from an African Union member country.
  • The entrepreneur must be the founder/co-founder of the venture they are representing and must play an influential role in its operations and leadership.
  • The entrepreneur must have no history of criminal activity related to corruption, tax evasion, financial impropriety, felony, or other offenses. In the event of a request, the entrepreneur will provide a signed declaration confirming this.

The Venture

  • The venture is already lawfully registered in an African Union member country or has initiated the registration process before 10 June 2024.
  • The venture’s headquarters are located in an African Union member country.
  • The venture has a sustainable financial model, either as a for-profit enterprise or a revenue-generating non-profit organization that aims to reduce dependency on donor funding.
  • The venture is involved in the agrifood sector and/or contributes to the growth of the agrifood industry through innovative solutions or process enhancements.
    • Agrifood research & development
    • Primary food production (farming)
    • Crop nutrition
    • Irrigation
    • Mechanisation, automation, or robotics, including drones
    • Crop protection
    • Hydroponics or urban farming
    • Transport, distribution, storage, or logistics
    • Food processing
    • Packaging or marketing
    • Food retail or service
    • Waste management or recycling
    • Digital or technology solutions/services to the agrifood sector
    • Innovative finance solutions/services to the agrifood sector
    • Renewable energy or environmental solutions/services to the agrifood
    • sector
    • Food system innovations (e.g., soldier fly larvae).

Evaluation Criteria

The judges will consider the following criteria

  • Innovation
  • Market potential and traction
  • Inspiring and Investible Team
  • Business model
  • Impact

How to Apply

To begin with your application, click here 

Visit the official website of GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition for more information.

Application Deadline

June 10, 2024.

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