Global Leaders Program 2022 For Emerging Leaders, McCain Institute – Fully Funded

Global Leaders Program 2022 For Emerging Leaders, McCain Institute is inviting applications from interested candidates. McCain Institute provides the Global leader’s program 2022 to offer support to leaders globally who are character-driven, in other to inculcate the serving a cause greater than the self legacy of John McCain.

Global Leaders Program 2022 For Emerging Leaders

The McCain Institute Global Leaders Program is organized to run as a ten monthly fellowship and experiential learning experience, each group will include 25 diverse leaders globally who are working in the arena to promote democracy, human rights, and freedom.

Global Leaders Program 2022 For Emerging Leaders, McCain Institute

The Global Leaders Program is designated for the advancement of each leader’s personal and professional leadership journey and impact by providing training, resources, and access to highly relevant regional and global networks with the goal of preparing today’s leaders for future challenges.

McCain Institute is an organization for International Leadership that is based in Washington. McCain Institute works in partnership with Arizona State University, Arizona State University has a mission to advance leadership based on security, economic opportunity, freedom, and human dignity, in the US and around the world. McCain institute was created in 2012 and is named after John McCain from Arizona, a U.S. Senator and 2008 Republican Party presidential nominee.

McCain funding proceeds from a variety of individuals, foundations, and corporations, including Wal-Mart Stores, FedEx, Saudi Arabia, and hedge fund owner Paul E. Singer.

The institute is focused on achieving immediate and long-range impact, through activities that improve the ability of leaders to make enlightened decisions in pursuit of American and global interests. Basically, McCain’s work is divided into four categories:

  • To Provide decision recommendations for leaders through open debate and rigorous analysis, by convening experts, publishing policy-relevant research, and holding decision-making exercises using advanced technology.
  • To Identify and train new national security leaders, both American and foreign, in the public, private enterprise, and military spheres, including through fellowships and targeted training.
  • To play a unique role in a crowded intellectual space, including through the Sedona Forum and the McCain Debates, and by serving as a Washington “decision tank”.
  • To enhance the promotion and preservation of the McCain family spirit of character-driven leadership and national service, including hosting the McCain family archives.

Benefits of Global Leaders Program 2022

Recipients of the McCain Global Leaders Program will:

  • Not receive a stipend however, they will receive the direct costs of their participation in the program
  • The following expenses will be fully covered; economy class travel, hotels, meals, and incidentals
  • No cost of participation other than the time commitment that the McCain Global Leaders Program makes to participate in programming.

Requirements for McCain Global Leaders Program 2022

  • All Global Leaders Program applicants should be mid-career professionals, possess working proficiency in English, and actively work on the focus issue areas of the program.
  • Intending Global Leaders are required to take a leadership role in their field, and actively be “in the arena” striving to enact change in their home communities.
  • Aspiring applicants must be committed to serving a cause greater than themselves and should be invested in full participation in virtual engagements, in-person programs, and post-program alumni activities.
  • The program does not have any minimum educational requirement.

Documents for Application

  • A Completed Application Form
  • Well organized Resume/CV
  • Letters of Recommendation (one or two in any format)

How to Apply for McCain Global Leaders Program 2022

Are you Interested in this leaders program? If yes, then ensure that you are first qualified then visit the McCain Institute at to apply. Please note that you must send all application materials as attachments in one email to

For the email subject, use the following format: Last Name- First Name- MGL Application.

You can click on the link just below to learn more about this scholarship.

McCain Global Leaders Program FAQ

  • What is the deadline date for the application?

Application for the Global Leaders Program is from October 12, 2022, through December 31st, 2022 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Note that all applications must be received during this period in order to be considered

  • How do I get to know the final decision on my application?

The final decisions on all applications will be sent to all applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, via email within 6-8 weeks upon closure of the application window. Don’t expect the program to release information about the status of your application on an individual basis.

  • Can I solicit feedback on my application if am not selected?

No! This is due to a large number of applications for a limited number of slots that is received every year.


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