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The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) is an active program that provides assistance to groundbreaking social enterprises in tackling urgent global social, economic, and environmental challenges. GIF acknowledges the significant impact of innovation and plays a vital role in discovering, fostering, and financing inventive initiatives. Backing social enterprises as agents of positive transformation is crucial in shaping a future that is both resilient and sustainable.

Global Innovation Fund
Global Innovation Fund


Understanding Global Innovation Fund (GIF)

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) is an innovative program that provides support and investment to social enterprises tackling urgent global issues. GIF aims to create positive change by funding and empowering ventures with transformative ideas, fostering a global network of innovation for social impact.

GIF’s Mission and Vision

GIF seeks to fund and amplify innovative solutions that improve the lives of those in poverty worldwide. We envision a future where groundbreaking ideas receive the necessary support to create lasting positive change globally.

GIF’s Areas of Focus

The Global Innovation Fund covers a wide range of focus areas to ensure a comprehensive approach to addressing global challenges. From healthcare and education to sustainable development and more, GIF is dedicated to supporting innovations across different sectors. This inclusivity reflects the organization’s belief that transformative solutions can come from various fields and perspectives.

GIF’s Funding Approach

GIF’s funding approach combines financial support with strategic guidance. The organization not only provides funding to selected projects but also collaborates with them to maximize the impact of the initiatives. This approach goes beyond traditional grants, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem where innovators can thrive.

Importance of Supporting Social Enterprises

Supporting social enterprises is vital for addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable development. These enterprises, focusing on social impact and financial sustainability, play a key role in finding innovative solutions to poverty, inequality, and environmental issues. By endorsing them, we stimulate economic growth and create lasting positive change in communities worldwide.

GIF’s Support for Social Enterprises

GIF supports social enterprises beyond financial aid by offering strategic guidance and fostering a supportive ecosystem. Here’s how GIF supports social enterprises:

  • The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) supports social enterprises by providing financial assistance, mentorship, and a supportive ecosystem.
  • GIF offers tailored financial backing to social enterprises at different stages of development, allowing for flexibility in funding models.
  • In addition to funding, GIF provides mentorship and expert guidance to help social entrepreneurs navigate challenges and maximize the impact of their initiatives.
  • Successful applicants become part of GIF’s collaborative network, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  • GIF welcomes social enterprises from diverse sectors and geographies, ensuring a wide range of innovative ideas are considered for support.
  • GIF focuses on supporting projects with clear potential for significant social impact and aims for long-term partnerships.
  • Grant applications undergo a rigorous evaluation process based on feasibility, scalability, and potential for sustainable change.
  • GIF’s support includes capacity building to help social enterprises scale their operations and enhance effectiveness.
  • GIF actively promotes learning and knowledge sharing among supported enterprises to improve social impact strategies.

Grant Amount

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) offers tailored funding for projects of varying sizes and stages. They prioritize the specific needs of each social enterprise, providing grants ranging from £30,000 to £10 million. GIF supports a diverse range of projects across sectors, aiming to create a positive and lasting global impact. The highest funding is reserved for successful innovations that can be replicated in multiple developing countries.

Eligibility Criteria

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) has inclusive eligibility criteria to welcome a diverse range of social enterprises. These criteria include:

  • Focus on Social Impact: Applicants should prioritize achieving significant social impact to address global challenges and improve the lives of those facing poverty and disadvantage.
  • Legal Structure: GIF considers applications from for-profit companies, nonprofits, and social enterprises, reflecting their commitment to supporting a broad spectrum of ventures.
  • Innovation and Creativity: The proposed project should demonstrate innovation and creativity in addressing social, economic, or environmental challenges. GIF is particularly interested in initiatives that bring fresh, effective, and scalable solutions.
  • Feasibility and Scalability: The project should have a clear plan for implementation and the potential for scalability to make a broader impact.
  • Evidence-Based Approach: GIF values an evidence-based approach and encourages applicants to provide data and insights supporting the feasibility and potential impact of their projects.
  • Financial Sustainability: While GIF supports social impact, applicants should also demonstrate consideration for financial sustainability. This ensures a balance between social impact and long-term viability.
  • Global Reach: GIF welcomes applications from around the world and encourages a global perspective. They seek projects that can have a meaningful impact on a broad scale.

Application Process

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) has a thorough yet accessible application process. The process includes:

  • Potential applicants should review the GIF website to understand the organization’s mission, focus areas, and eligibility criteria.
  • An EOI is a preliminary application for funding programs that requires a brief summary of the project, highlighting its uniqueness, potential impact, and alignment with GIF’s objectives.
  • GIF reviews the EOIs and shortlists promising projects based on criteria such as innovation, feasibility, scalability, and social impact.
  • Shortlisted applicants are required to submit a comprehensive and detailed application, including a proposal outlining the project’s objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and a detailed budget.
  • The detailed applications undergo a thorough evaluation process, including due diligence to verify the information provided.
  • Based on the evaluation, GIF makes decisions regarding the projects to be funded and enters into a funding agreement with successful applicants.
  • GIF provides post-award support, including mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to a collaborative community, and monitors the progress of funded projects to ensure they are on track to achieve their intended impact.


The GIF application process requires multiple documents, including an EOI, application, project proposal, budget details, organizational information, supporting documents, due diligence, financial documentation, background checks, funding agreement, and post-award monitoring. Requirements may vary based on the funding opportunity and application stage. Applicants should review GIF’s guidelines to meet all requirements. Progress reports, financial reports, and post-award monitoring are also part of the process.

Impact of GIF’s Support on These Enterprises

GIF’s support has several impacts on these enterprises and others:

  • Scale and Reach: By providing funding, GIF helps social enterprises expand their operations and reach more beneficiaries and communities with innovative solutions.
  • Innovation: Support from GIF enables enterprises to invest in research and development, promoting continuous innovation and improvement of their products or services.
  • Sustainability: GIF’s emphasis on financial sustainability motivates supported enterprises to develop models that can thrive even after the initial funding, ensuring a long-lasting impact.
  • Network and Collaboration: Being part of GIF’s network offers social enterprises valuable connections, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities, enhancing their overall effectiveness.
  • Learning and Adaptation: GIF’s support fosters a culture of learning and adaptation, allowing enterprises to learn from both successes and challenges and refine their strategies for greater impact.


The GIF supports social enterprises to address global challenges and improve the lives of those in poverty. They offer comprehensive support and empower social enterprises to create sustainable solutions. By embracing innovation, individuals can contribute to transformative global solutions through GIF. They are committed to empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs and creating a more equitable world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can individuals or organizations apply for GIF grants?

GIF grants are available to a wide range of applicants, including individuals, social enterprises, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations. The focus is on innovative and impactful projects.

What kind of support does GIF offer apart from funding?

In addition to financial assistance, GIF provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to a collaborative community. Successful applicants can connect with others for learning and collaboration.

Are there specific deadlines for applying for GIF grants?

To find out about application deadlines and funding cycles, it’s important to visit the official GIF website. The timelines may vary depending on the grant opportunity.

Can projects that have received funding from GIF apply for more grants?

GIF does consider applications from previously funded projects, especially if there are opportunities for further innovation, scalability, or impact. Each application is assessed on its own merits.



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