Best Mobile Apps 2021: The Best Mobile Apps 2021 So Far

Over hundreds of new apps are added to App Store and Play Store but yet there are some Best Mobile Apps 2021 you would want to try.

As a mobile phone user, you would want to bring your smartphone or other devices to speed with some of the recent amazing apps.

If you want to get the Best Mobile Apps 2021, then you are at the right place. Carefully read through this article to get the Best Mobile Apps 2021, as well as how they work.

Best Mobile Apps 2021

Best Mobile Apps 2021

For Apple iOS and Android, smartphone users who already know about apps should have known some of these best. A phone user should have apps like Google Maps, Dropbox, Evernote, and lot more others.

There are some apps that an average phone user would access on a daily basis. These are apps considered as the Best Mobile Apps 2021.

Best Apps 2021

Here are some of the amazing best apps you can check out to download and access this year:


It is true that some users love to share GIFs mostly online, and this gives rise to all types of GIF maker apps. This app is one of the best that takes GIF to a new level. Hereby allowing you to spice up your favorite GIFs with added audio.

On this platform, you can choose a GIF from the large library and use it on your device for voice recording. The end product is a short video that you can store on your device or share through other apps.


There are so many food and restaurant review apps, but Bite is one of the Best Mobile Apps 2021. Bite focuses on offering its users a high-quality image and information that matters.

It encourages its user to share their experiences with food they tried using review options about the taste, quality, and cost.


This app is for users who prefer something different other than a cool video game to play or a book to read. Yarn features a massive library of stories told in text message formats.

Several episodes and conversations are updated daily. And you can also enjoy stories from several categories like mystery, romance, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.

They also offer a free version of the app which is unlimited. But it can be upgraded to a subscribed plan for more features and access to all stories. Available on both iOS and Android.


If you want to customize your phone display, then Zedge is the app you should access. With Zedge, you can personalize your device ringtones, notifications, wallpaper, and alarm sounds.

Zedge offers thousands of high-quality sounds that are free and easy to download. Users can browse through several categories or use the search function to search for an item.

Pocket Casts

This is a premium app if you want to listen to podcasts or discover great podcasts. You can easily manage the podcasts you desire to listen to.

Users can browse podcasts by charts, networks, and categories. As well as add your preferred ones to play episodes on the fly and create your own playback queue.

This app automatically checks for new episodes. Meaning you can get access to recent favorite shows, with automatic and custom filters to organize them. It is available on both iOS and Android.

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