Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship for Developing Countries – APPLY NOW

Ghent University in Belgium is dedicated to promoting international academic collaboration and sharing knowledge. As part of its efforts to support equal educational opportunities, the university offers the Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship program to outstanding scholars from developing countries. This esteemed scholarship aims to empower talented individuals, allowing them to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of their own nations.

Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship for Developing Countries
Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship for Developing Countries

Program Details

The Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship program aims to provide assistance to exceptional individuals who want to pursue their doctoral studies at Ghent University. This program emphasizes research subjects that align with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. It covers a wide range of fields, including natural and social sciences, technology and engineering, medicine and health sciences, humanities, and life sciences.

Key Features of the Scholarship

Some important features of the Ghent University doctoral scholarship for developing countries include:

  • Comprehensive Research Focus: The scholarship program aims to support doctoral research projects that tackle urgent challenges in sustainable development. These challenges include conserving the environment, promoting social equality, ensuring economic resilience, and more.
  • Global Collaboration: Ghent University understands the importance of collaboration. The scholarship encourages scholars to engage in interdisciplinary research and establish international partnerships. This fosters a global network of researchers dedicated to sustainable development.
  • Building Capacity: In addition to financial assistance, the program prioritizes capacity building. Scholars receive mentorship, attend workshops, and participate in training opportunities tailored to enhance their research skills. This enables them to make a greater impact in the field of sustainable development.
  • Cultural Exchange and Diversity: The program celebrates diversity and promotes cultural exchange among scholars. By bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, it aims to create a vibrant academic community that values diverse perspectives and experiences.

Empowering Scholars for Sustainable Impact

The Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship supports research projects that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It focuses on interdisciplinary research, promoting international collaboration, and addressing global challenges. The scholarship emphasizes environmental sustainability and cultural exchange, promoting inclusivity and reducing inequalities. Scholars are empowered to become agents of change in their communities and work towards a sustainable world.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of a developing country.
  • Academic Background: Candidates should hold a master’s degree that is relevant to their desired research field for their doctoral studies.
  • Research Area: The proposed research project must align with the sustainable development goals and be within the research expertise of one of the faculties or research groups at Ghent University.
  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English is crucial, as it is the language used for instruction and communication at Ghent University.
  • Research Experience: Candidates with previous research experience may receive preference.

Application Process

The process to apply for the Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship consists of the following steps:

  • Choose a Research Topic: Applicants must select a research topic that aligns with the sustainable development goals and falls within the expertise of one of Ghent University’s faculties or research groups.
  • Find a Promoter: Candidates should reach out to a potential promoter at Ghent University who specializes in their chosen research area and secure their support and guidance for the proposed research project.
  • Prepare Application Documents: Applicants need to gather all the necessary application documents, which include their curriculum vitae, motivation letter, research proposal, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation.
  • Submit Online Application: The application must be submitted online through the official website of the university before the specified deadline.
  • Selection and Announcements: A selection committee comprising of experts from Ghent University will assess the applications based on academic excellence, the relevance of the research proposal, the quality of the motivation letter, and the strength of references. Successful candidates will be notified accordingly.

Selection Process

The selection procedure involves several steps, such as:

  • Application Review: The selection committee thoroughly reviews all applications, focusing on the quality of the research proposal, academic achievements, and alignment with the scholarship’s focus on sustainable development.
  • Shortlisting: Based on the initial review, a shortlist of candidates is created. These candidates exhibit exceptional potential in contributing to the scholarship’s goals and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Interviews or Additional Assessments: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or additional assessments. This gives candidates the chance to convey their research goals, commitment to sustainable development, and potential impact.
  • Evaluation of Research Proposal: The committee closely evaluates the research proposals submitted by each candidate, assessing the feasibility, relevance, and potential impact of the proposed research in addressing global challenges and aligning with sustainable development objectives.
  • Assessment of Academic Merit: Academic transcripts and letters of recommendation are thoroughly assessed, with emphasis on the candidate’s ability to excel academically and contribute meaningfully to the academic community.
  • Commitment to Sustainable Development: The candidate’s personal statement and letters of recommendation are evaluated to gauge their dedication to sustainable development. Past contributions or initiatives related to sustainability may also be considered
  • Final Selection: Based on a comprehensive assessment of each candidate, the selection committee makes final decisions. Successful candidates are chosen for their potential to positively impact their research field and contribute to global sustainable development.
  • Notification of Results: Applicants are notified of the selection committee’s decision. Successful candidates receive detailed information regarding the scholarship’s terms, including financial support, research expectations, and program requirements.

Scholarship Benefits and Grant Amount

The Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship provides selected candidates with numerous benefits, including:

  • A scholarship for PhD studies at Ghent University is awarded for a duration of 24 months.
  • The promoter of the university receives a monthly bench fee of € 310 for research in Ghent, along with a travel budget of € 8,000 to cover operational and travel costs for the student and both the university and local promoters.
  • Full Funding: The scholarship covers the full tuition fee for four years of doctoral studies at Ghent University.
  • Monthly Stipend: Scholars will receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses during their stay in Belgium.
  • Research Expenses: Additional funding is available to support research-related activities, including fieldwork, data collection, and conference participation.
  • International Networking: Scholars will have the opportunity to engage with an international academic community, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange with experts in their field.
  • Personal and Career Development: Ghent University provides various training and support programs to enhance scholars’ research skills, leadership abilities, and employability prospects.


The Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship for Developing Countries is a remarkable initiative that supports gifted individuals from developing nations and encourages worldwide sustainable development. By providing financial and academic support, Ghent University empowers scholars to make a substantial impact in their home countries upon completing their doctoral studies.

This program exemplifies the university’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and empowering promising individuals to create positive change in their communities and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply for the Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship?

To apply for the Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarship, you need to submit a detailed research proposal, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. You can find the application instructions on the official Ghent University website.

What is the main focus of the research proposals?

The research proposals should focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Scholars are encouraged to address global challenges related to poverty, inequality, environmental sustainability, and other relevant SDGs.

Is there any financial support provided to scholars?

Yes, successful candidates receive financial support that covers tuition fees, research expenses, and a stipend for living expenses.



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