Get Up To 60% off On Blink Security Cameras and Doorbells

Get up to 60% off on Blink security cameras and doorbells. This very sale on Brink gear will easily help you to expand your home security, or even get to set up a new one without breaking the bank or spending a ton load of cash.

Blink Security Cameras and Doorbells

Blink Security Cameras and Doorbells

If it is that you are looking to shore up your home security without having to spend a ton load of money, then know that there is a great sale going on right about now at Amazon on Blink cameras, reportedly knocking up to 60% off on individual cameras as well as bundles. If it is that you are not familiar with Blink, then you just might be surprised to hear that they are yet another company that was bought out by Amazon, very much like Ring was.

And while Ring tends to get the spotlight, Blink on the other hand is the budget-friendly alternative of Amazon and almost as good as its counterpart, the Ring cameras, which makes the Blink a really good alternative for those who want to save some cash.

The Third-Generation Blink Floodlight Camera

If you are one of the many people looking for some coverage outside of your home, then you really can’t go wrong with the third-generation Blink Floodlight camera. This camera in question has a 1080p camera with a relatively clear picture, and a two-way audio feature so that you can effectively have a conversation, and the floodlights, on the other hand, can hit 700 lumens, which should be just more than enough to light up the average yard.

Best of all, this device is wireless and it runs on four D-Cell batteries, so you really don’t have to worry about pulling a power or an ethernet line. You can get your hands on it now off Amazon for the discounted price of just $84 instead of $140.

The Blink Video Doorbell

Of course, if it is that you want something very much like the Ring Video Doorbell, then this bundle is inclusive of the Blink Video Doorbell and two third-generation Blink Outdoor cameras. And very much like the Blink Floodlight camera, the Blink Doorbell in question runs on batteries and it also has a relatively easy setup that does not require you to run cables. The product has a 1080p resolution, motion detection, and can even store content locally, assuming the fact that you have the Sync Module 2, which is currently going for $35 on Amazon.

The Sync Module 2

You can also save just a little bit on Sync Module 2 if you get this Blink Outdoor and Indoor bundle, which is inclusive of two Blink outdoor and two Blink indoor cameras, alongside Sync Module 2. This is a great whole-house solution, and while it just might be a pricey bundle, you do get to save $90 when purchasing everything together for the reported discounted price of $230.



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