Get Discounted Tello Mobile Data with Both Tethering and an Optional eSIM

Get discounted Tello Mobile Data with both tethering and an optional eSIM included in the deal. Getting yourself a new SIM does not really mean you have to break the bank or spend big. Tello is at the moment offering users and non-users discounted prices on data when attached to its unlimited talk and text tier and plan.

Discounted Tello Mobile Data

Discounted Tello Mobile Data

If it is that you are on the lookout to switch to a new carrier or you just need a second SIM for work, you should know that Tello is offering you the chance to add some discounted data to your new phone plan at the moment.

Tello as you should know will sell you 2GB of data for $10 and 5GB of data on the other hand for just $15, with both prices in question applying to the very first month of your new line. You should however note that the discount in question is part of the Halloween festivities (“BOO-st your savings” — nice) of the company, so it is therefore only valid until Oct. 31.

Perks and Benefits of the Deal

This data deal for those who are interested is only available for new customers that are taking out new lines and it also applies to its unlimited talk and text plans. There is however no contract and no additional or hidden fees. You can also choose to upgrade and downgrade at any given time for free, and Tello in this deal includes free tethering and Wi-Fi calling on the other hand as well. There is even free international calling to over 60 countries for those with friends and family members who are based overseas.

What Happens When the Deal Expires

And alongside that imminent end date for this very deal, you should also note that this discount price is only for your very first month of usage. And after that, the price reverts back up to $14 per month for 2GB of data and $19 per month for 5GB on the other hand.

Tello can either send you a SIM card out or you can opt to set your new plan up making use of an eSIM on compatible phones, but no matter which path you choose to take you will connect to T-Mobile’s network seamlessly.



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