Get This Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum with a Whopping $370 Discount

Get this self-emptying Robot vacuum with a whopping $370 discount. If you are one of the many who would like to get a high-end robot vacuum but really don’t want to break the bank on it or get to spend close to a thousand bucks, then this very deal in question will give you the Roborock Q7 Max Plus for only $500.

Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Discount

Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Discount

If dusting the house on a daily or regularly has become quite the work for you, then grabbing a robot vacuum can really make your life a whole lot easier. And while there are tons of different types to select from, the most convenient in the market are the ones that can empty themselves, such as this Roborock Q7 Max Plus, which gets to save you a lot of extra hassle in the process.

Fortunately, while the Roborock Q7 Max Plus in question normally and usually goes for $870, Amazon has reportedly discounted it heavily down to only $500, thus saving you a whopping $370 in the process.

Specs and Features

The Q7 Max Plus for those that don’t know comes with a really impressive 4,200Pa, which is one of the highest on the market currently, and it is perfect for making sure that every bit of dust has been picked up. The product in question also has a 2.5-liter self-emptying capacity, which Roborock reveals will last you about a week just before having to empty it, but that will however most certainly vary depending on where it is that you live and just how many pets that you have.

And speaking of pets, the Q7 Max Plus in question has a rubber brush system that can easily and effectively deal with hair much better and also avoid getting tangled, so if it is that you have long hair or have pets, then the Q7 Max Plus will not struggle at all.

More Notable Features

One of the important things that makes this very robot vacuum stand out is the convenience in regards to features that have been packed into it. For instance, while it cannot climb up a set of stairs, the product can memorize several levels and get to detect which floor it’s on automatically.

That simply means that you only need to pick it up and then place it wherever it is that you want it, and it also figures out where it is on its own. The vacuum cleaner also has roughly 120 minutes of vacuuming just before needing to go back for a recharge, which as you should know is almost double many of the more budget-oriented models out there.

Price and Availability

The Q7 Max Plus overall, is a high-end robot vacuum that is going for midrange prices, although the $500 in question might still be a lot for many. And in that case, be sure to check out some of these other robot vacuum deals for better alternatives.



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