Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress This President’s Day

Get rid of your old mattress this President’s Day and get to save a whopping 50% off all DreamCloud mattresses. Since President’s Day sales are here, it is an excellent time to get your hands on premium DreamCloud mattresses at a lower cost. The DreamCloud memory foam mattress kicks off at $349 for new customers.

Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress This President's Day

Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress This President’s Day

Presidents Day presents an excellent opportunity to capitalize on mattress deals, particularly if you’re in the market for a new bed. Current Presidents Day sales offer fantastic opportunities to acquire mattresses from top-tier brands. One such brand, DreamCloud, known for its luxury mattresses, is offering a generous 50% discount on all its mattress models.

For new customers, this promotion presents an ideal time to experience the comfort and quality of DreamCloud beds. Additionally, DreamCloud offers a 365-night free trial, along with complimentary shipping and returns.

DreamCloud’s Mattress Lineup

DreamCloud’s mattress lineup consists of six models: the DreamCloud Memory Foam, DreamCloud Hybrid, DreamCloud Premier Hybrid, DreamCloud Premier Memory Foam, DreamCloud Premier Rest Hybrid, and DreamCloud Premier Rest Memory Foam.

Among these, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid stands out as the most popular choice, featuring a quilted cushion top comprising soft and memory foams. It boasts four layers of contouring, supportive, gel, and dynamic foams, complemented by individually wrapped coils that provide added support, particularly along the mattress edges.

What the Presidents Day Sale at DreamCloud Offers

The Presidents Day sale at DreamCloud offers mattresses starting from just $349 for the DreamCloud Memory Foam bed. Similar to the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid, this model also incorporates four layers of contouring, supportive, gel, and dynamic foams.

Instead of coils, it features a thick layer of supportive foam base. Our mattress experts have noted that the foam in this mattress feels less dense compared to Tempur-Pedic, making it an excellent choice for average to petite individuals seeking a memory foam feel. Our testing has determined that it’s well-suited for back and stomach sleepers but may not be sufficiently soft for side or combination sleepers.

What You Should Know About This Sale

If you decide to purchase a mattress during this Presidents Day Sale and later find that it doesn’t meet your needs, returning it with DreamCloud is hassle-free. Throughout the 365-night free trial period, you can contact DreamCloud to initiate a return process. The company will then connect you with a representative who will arrange for the mattress to be donated or disposed of through local organizations in your community.



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