Gender Therapist Online Free – 7 Best Online Therapy Platforms

Are you looking for a gender therapist online free? If you are then this post is for you. Well, to be blunt with you, I don’t think there is any online therapy platform that will offer its services for free. No matter how it is, or how small you will be charged, you are still going to pay for something.

Gender Therapist Online Free

Gender Therapist Online Free

Online therapy is a great way for people who are going through mental health issues including gender issues get easy, reliable, and convenient counseling. Online therapy is way cheaper than in-person therapy just in case you never knew.

However, you should know that online therapy is not the answer to urgent mental health emergencies. So if you are or you know a person with urgent mental care, you should please take the said person to the hospital in order for them to get the help that they need.

Best Online Therapy Platforms

There are lots of online therapy platforms today. All of which are offering great services at affordable prices. Although some of the platforms I will be dropping on this list are better than the rest, all the same, their services are hard not to mention.

Faith Counseling

Faith counseling is an online therapy platform that is set up explicitly for Christians. Counseling on this platform is done from a biblical perspective. Its services and features include messaging, live chat, phone, and video. All the counselors within this platform are practicing Christians.


This platform specializes in helping teens to flourish. With the services of this platform, every parent gets to access the peace of mind that they deserve. You get to access therapists on this platform via video, phone, text, or a mobile app. Another service of teencounseling is to teach teens to learn coping skills online


This is an app-based online therapy platform that can be accessed 24/7. There is the availability of couples and individual therapy. You can access counselors on the platform via text, phone, voice, or video plans. You can choose to easily switch between therapists.

Pride Counseling

Here is one of the many LGBTQ-focused online therapy platforms that can help you feel proud and welcomed. This platform supports acceptance and equality. The platforms have features such as video, phone, messaging, and live chat in accessing counselors. Pride counseling offers a discrete and commitment-free form of service.

This is the complete cognitive-behavioral therapy toolbox. You get to have a 20% off on your first month. The platform offers video, live chat, messaging, and phone features for accessing and speaking with counselors. The plans of are flexible and you can choose to cancel at any time you feel like it.


This is the largest online therapy platform in the world. And it has got just about any type of therapy on its payroll for any type of mental issue including gender-related issues. BetterHelp offers free evaluations to help access your needs.

There is also the availability of video, phone, live chat, and messaging features in accessing their counselors. BetterHelp offers its users on the platform unlimited messaging and you can choose to cancel your membership to the platform at any time you feel like it. BetterHelp also offers 20% off your first month.


This platform specializes in relationship counseling. It offers individual and couples counseling. You can have access to the counselors on the platform via video, phone, messaging, or live chat. You get to have therapy at any time and from just about anywhere.


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