Best Multivitamin for Men Over 60 – 5 Top Multivitamins for Men Over 60

Best Multivitamin for Men Over 60 – As long as you are aged 50 and older, you need some additional nutrients and this goes for both men and women. And with the potential exception of calcium, a healthy diet is the best way to get vitamins and minerals generally.

Best Multivitamin for Men Over 60

Best Multivitamin for Men Over 60

With the latter being said, there are many other reasons why older men over 60 might want to turn their attention to multivitamins. Due to allergies and other forms of health issues. And also, a restricted diet can and may lead to not getting the right and adequate nutrition as can certain conditions and diseases and also the reduced ability for your body to absorb some type of key vitamins sic as vitamin B12.

In this post, I will be compiling a list of recommended multivitamins for men over the age of 60. And alongside the nutritional priorities and also what to look out for in these supplements. This is just a recommendation and you should do well to speak with your doctor before deciding on adding a new supplement to your normal routine.

Members Mark Men 50+ Multivitamin

This is one of the top picks for men over the age of 50 back in April. This was in a review of multivitamins and supplements from ConsumerLab which is an organization that tests nutritional and health products independently. The review shows that it contains vitamins needed by older men. And this is including vitamin B12 and vitamin D than the RDA. It should be taken once a day with food of course.

Equate Complete Vitamin 50+

This is the best budget-friendly multivitamin for men over 60. Each of the pills offered by this multivitamin is less than 3 cents. And it is also a top pick for adults who are aged 60 and older. It however does not contain iron.

Most people already get all the iron that they need from their food. And older adults may be likely to have more iron in the system. This supplement has a thousand IU of vitamin D and some potassium and also calcium. Although it is not enough to meet up with your RDA for these very important nutrients.

Nature Made Multi for Him

This is the best multivitamin supplement for men over 60 for vitamin D. This multivitamin comes with 1,000 IU of vitamin D which is 125% of your RDA. And it is a very important vitamin for older men in general.

Adults that are 50 and older should get between 800 and 1,000 IU of vitamins every day. And this is according to the national osteoporosis foundation. And this notes that this vitamin helps to keep the bones strong and with calcium absorption. Also, it has 160 mg of calcium which is about 12% of your RDA.

SmaryPants Men’s Formula Daily Gummy Multivitamin

Many vitamins as you should know are petite and if you are one of the many that struggle with swallowing giant-sized pills, a chewable is an ideal option. However, producing gummy vitamins is very tricky.

This means that the amount in the nutrition panel that’s listed is often not matched with what’s actually in the gummy and this has led to experts not recommending them in the first place. Some manufacturers such as this one however have found a way around doing it right. Each gummy contains 200 percent of your vitamin D RDA including a significant amount of other vitamins such as A, C, and E.

MegaFood Men Over 55 One Daily

Normally and generally, if you are a vegan and follow up with your diet then you should not introduce animal-based foods via your daily supplement. This very multivitamin is vegetarian and it is both dairy and soy-free according to the manufacturer.

The product is made using real foods such as orange and cranberry and it also contains 208 percent of your RDA of B12.


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