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Dating has never gotten better ever since 2018 when the Facebook introduction of the dating app on Facebook. At the moment, there are millions of people on a Facebook dating app, getting matched and leaving the platform after getting matched. You too can be a part of Facebook dating if you wish to, all you have to do is go through this content and in no time you would be on the dating platform.

Facebook dating on Facebook App

There are tons of dating sites out there, but only a few of them can compare to the truly remarkable platform that was created by Facebook. Ever since the launch of the dating app, over 2 billion matches have been made, and more matches are still being made even as we speak. The app comes with great functionality and truly amazing features that you might not even find on top dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and the likes. Review of the dating app has always been great, so that is another interesting reason why you should try out the dating site.

Facebook Dating on Facebook App

One spectacular thing about the dating app is that it was built right in the Facebook app which enabled Facebook to add more interesting functionality and features. With a Facebook account, you would be able to access Facebook dating and get matched.

Facebook Dating App Not working

The thing with the app is that it has a restriction, and if you are not up to 18, you would not be able to access the dating app. So, your Facebook account must have a date of birth older than 18 to be able to access it.

Another thing is, Facebook has been a little bit slow when it comes to increasing its availability, and am sure they are working to expand its reach. At the moment, the number of countries that has Facebook dating is around 50 which is really not that much. So, the thing is, you must be among the 50 countries to be able to access the Facebook dating app.

Accessing Facebook Dating App

Accessing the Facebook dating app on Facebook should not be an issue. All you have to do is just follow the steps that I would be stating for you below and that’s is it.

  • First login to your Facebook App
  • Then tap on the menu icon at the top left of your screen
  • There you should find the Facebook dating app icon tap on it
  • If it is not on the first page, scroll down the menu and tap on see more
  • On the see more page, you find the dating icon

Click on it, and you are in the app. Facebook made the sign-up process a lot easier for all their users, so you really should not encounter any issue with creating a dating profile.


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