YouTube now has over 50 million premium and music subscribers

Currently, YouTube now has over 50 million premium and music subscribers. Google has mentioned that it has 50 million customers subscribed to or attempting YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, which is a marked expansion from the 30 million subscribers it pronounced in December 2020. This appears to mark a persevered fashion in human beings searching to make the soar from the free variations of YouTube and YouTube Music, even as extra offerings are competing in the space.

YouTube now has over 50 million premium and music subscribers

Google doesn’t smash down that 50 million variety any further, so we don’t actually recognize how many human beings are subscribed to YouTube Music or Premium and how many are usage of the services’ free one-month trial. However, its weblog submit spends a lot of time speaking about music, hailing YouTube as the fastest-growing music-subscription service.

YouTube now has over 50 million premium and music subscribers

Variety additionally compared Google’s numbers with different streaming services. It reviews that Spotify has around a hundred sixty-five million subscribers, and the Financial Times prices estimates of Apple Music had seventy-eight million. (The remaining authentic phrase was once in June 2019 when Apple started its carrier had exceeded 60 million subscribers.)

YouTube Music Premium charges $9.99 a month and lets customers hear and download ad-free music. YouTube Premium goes for $11.99 a month and offers subscribers get right of entry to all of the benefits of YouTube Music, with the capability to additionally download and watch ordinary movies ad-free.

Premium subscribers can additionally have movies play in the historical past whilst they’re using any other app or their smartphone is locked. For those who spend a lot of time observing non-music content material on the platform, that’s a great deal higher ride for now not that a whole lot of extra money.

Google’s Official Comment

Google hasn’t commented on what induced the 20 million-subscriber increase, however, it’s in all likelihood really worth retaining in the idea that remaining years remember used to be said proper around the time when Google used to be shutting down its Play Music service. It’s tough to inform how many humans have been subscribed to it — however, each Google Play and YouTube Music reportedly had 15 million subscribers blended in 2019.

Final Words

Without understanding the breakdown, it’s challenging to inform precisely what this capacity is for Google. Were extra humans involved in letting movies play in the heritage besides ads, or have been they searching for a choice or addition to Spotify and Apple Music? Taking a step back, it’s clear greater humans are at least fascinated by YouTube’s paid offerings. While there have been lots of (admittedly justified) complaints about the glut of video and audio streaming services, it looks there’s nevertheless room to grow, if Google is an example.


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