Gender Therapist near Me – How to Find A Gender Therapist Close to You

In the LGBTQ community, one of the most asked questions by people facing gender dysphoria is how they can locate a gender therapist close to them. With this post, Gender therapist near me, everything you need to know in locating a gender therapist close to you and yours, will be answered. All you have to do is to follow the content of this post keenly.

Gender Therapist near Me

Gender Therapist near Me

When it comes to the matter of finding a gender therapist that you are comfortable with, the quest is not always easy and most especially if you reside in a small town or you just lack access to mental health specialists.

If you are not sure where to start from in finding a gender therapist, I have got some very helpful strategies for you on finding a gender specialist and they are;

  • Through online therapy platforms.
  • Referrals
  • Your local LGBTQ organizations
  • And online therapist directories.

Online Therapy Platforms

There are lots of online therapy platforms online today and many of these platforms can help provide you with access to a vast range of inclusive mental health professionals all from the comfort of your home and surrounding. One very platform that is known for its reputation is BetterHelp. The platform has got features and services in place to help you virtually.

Online Therapist Directories

Another medium of finding a gender therapist as mentioned in the list above is via online therapist directories. Directories like the American psychological association (APA), the world professional association of transgender health (WPATH), and psychology today offer directories of LGBTQ+ friendly mental health practitioners and providers in the United States.


Another means is referrals. If you have medical providers who are familiar with gender identity issues, you should always consider asking them for any recommendations for gender therapists, group therapy, or support groups. also just in case, you have transgender friends or nonbinary friends, you can also ask them for recommendations.

Local LGBTQ+ Communities

Lastly, your local health LGBTQ+ community can be of immense help in your quest for finding a gender therapist close to you. They may offer mental health care and also provide referrals to a local gender therapist.

How to Tell If Your Therapist Is Authentic and Original

Finding a gender therapist is one thing, knowing that he or she is a professional and knows what he or she is doing is another.  You will have to do extensive research on gender therapists to ensure that they are not just using the term on their online profiles without having any real diversity training.

There are many ways to find out about this, but the best way is to have a genuine and frank conversation on the matter during which you can ask various questions in regards to their training, education, experience, and therapeutic approach. Some of the questions that you should ask during your first visit to your supposed therapist include;

  • What type of therapeutic approach do you use in dysphoria and gender identity-related issues?
  • In regards to gender-related issues, what type of training do you have?
  • How many nonbinary and transgender people and patients have you worked with?
  • Do you offer any form of medical intervention or offer letters for hormone therapy?
  • Lastly, how would you describe your own experience utilizing gender-neutral pronouns?

The answer to these questions by your supposed therapist will give you an insight into whether the therapist is actually genuine.



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