Free Business Gift Ideas for Customers – How Do Free Gifts Attract Customers?

Do you want to appreciate your customer but don’t have an idea of the right gift to get them? If yes, you are in the right place.

Free Business Gift Ideas for Customers
Free Business Gift Ideas for Customers

However, we have put together countless business gift ideas for customers to get at an affordable rate. As a small business owner, one strategy for winning clients is appreciating them with a little token.

Free Business Gift Ideas for Customers

We have selected the gifts according to the size and business type. there are gift ideas for small businesses, and gift ideas for large businesses.

You can gift your customers gifts when you are doing a promo in your organization, or during your company’s anniversary. Apart from these days, you can as well take note of your customer special days like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and so on.

Additionally, you can start with less expensive gifts like pens, if you are just starting your business. truthfully speaking, customers don’t care about the gift, they are after the feeling that you have them in mind.

Free Gift Ideas for Small Business

As a small business owner, here are the best gift ideas to give your customer.


Pens are one of the cheap gifts to give your customers. However, it depends on the competence of your customers you have and the volume of business they do with you. For those regular visitors that patronize you, you can give them those expensive and customized pens.

However, you can also give inexpensive branded pens to your customers and potential customers. You will get these pens in-store or online. For online shopping, go to Amazon one of the trusted online retailers. You can as well check out BestBuy, Walmart, etc.


This is another affordable item to gift your customer as a small business owner. This dairies gift is a way to say thank you to your customer for their patronizing and all their corporation even in times of high economic.

Additionally, you can get these dairies from any retailer online or visit any corporate organization printing and printing your company name inside.

Note or Textbooks

If your customers love reading or have kids in primary school, you can gift them a notebook or textbook. You can as well gift them a knowledge book for them to read.

Plus, they can be gotten online and also any of the stores near me. It may not suit all customers, but it is worth it for some sets of people and a great idea for small businesses.


During raining season, it is best you gift your customers rainboots for the protection of their feet. This gift is right for any customer since you can get the right size.

Furthermore, make sure the boots fit both inner and out. It should be designed beautifully and your clients can’t forget such a useful gift from their wholesaler.

Neck Ties

For your men customer, you can gift them neckties to appreciate them for their patronization. However, to satisfy your clients with this type of gift, go for a tie that is of good quality.

Plus, you can get these gifts in-store close to you or get them online. They are available in sets with different sizes at Amazon.

Pieces of Jewellery

You don’t need to get your customer gold jewellery for a small business owner because you are just starting. Go for inexpensive jewellery and gift your customer.

Moreover, go for good jewellery that is not too expensive but just ensure that it is well-packaged and presentable.

Your Product

You can as well gift out the product you market to them as a gift. A lot of people will appreciate the freebies as gifts from the organization they patronize from.

Plus, the product can be air time, get them detergent, or free financial consultation.

Best Gift Ideal To Keep Your Customer

Here is the right gift to consider for those that operate bigger companies and others that engage in large business plans.

Customized Throw – Pillows

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, the customized throw pillow is a nice gift to give your customers. All your customers will surely make use of this gift if it is well-decorated.

If you are considering expensive gifts, go for a customized brand with high-quality material.

Branded Umbrellas

This is another nice gift to give your customers. Mostly when it is the rainy season, this umbrella will be a great help for them. however, you can as well check out the branded umbrella to avoid buying fake items. You can as well order them online at your favourite retailers.

Customized Laptop Bags

A laptop pack is another thing to consider as it helps your customers feel comfortable when carrying their laptops on a trip.

However, you can consider the quality as there are different qualities to choose from. You can check out one of the online retailers or visit in-store to get yours.

Children Toys

You can as well gift children’s toys as gifts for your customers with kids. Mostly when your product is designed for children, you can gift customers children’s toys.

However, it is a business gift idea that can be adopted by any business regardless of size. you can shop for the toys online or in-store near you.


If your company is lacking an ideal gift for their customer, perfume is a nice one to go. However, you can get different perfumes ad different scents and gifts to your customers. You can buy in bulk at Amazon or any other online retailer.


Giving out bicycles as a gift is a cool way to appreciate your customers for their loyalty to your brand; it could be children’s bicycles, adult bicycles, or sport bicycle and it could even be bicycles for the handicapped.

However, it is a gift idea that can be adopted by medium-scale businesses and larger corporations; the difference can be in the number of bicycles to be purchased.

Other Gifts ideas for Customers To Check Out

  • Wine
  • Keyholder
  • Wastebasket
  • Headbands
  • Duvets
  • Wristbands
  • Cufflinks
  • Bags


What Gift Can I Give My Customers?

  • Keyholder
  • Wastebasket
  • Headbands
  • Duvets
  • Wristbands
  • Cufflinks

What Is A Gift In Business?

Something that is given to people to help get new customers for a business The new store is offering a calculator as a gift to the first 50 customers.

What Is A Complimentary Gift?

complimentary is something given or supplied without charge, such as lodging, transportation, or meals, especially as an inducement to prospective customers.

Why Do Companies Give Gifts?

Makes people feel appreciated, and that is why they give gifts. However, giving a gift is a great way to say thank you and let customers and clients know they’re appreciated.

How Do Free Gifts Attract Customers?

A free sample or free trial period can make your product or service reach more potential customers and make them feel they are getting something of value.



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