Fortnite Update Adds Attack on Titan Gear to Its Catalog

Fortnite update adds Attack on Titan gear to its catalog. Other inclusions to come with the update includes ODM gear and Thunder Spears as they all make their way to the ever-changing battle royale.

Fortnite Attack on Titan Gear

Fortnite Attack on Titan Gear

Fortnite as you should already know just keeps speeding along. And as part of its most recent update, the battle royale game is reportedly adding gear from Attack on Titan that allows players to zip around the island.

The update in question, which brings the game to version 24.40, was initially hinted at when the current Fortnite season debuted back in March. The new update includes two pieces of Attack on Titan equipment which is the omni-directional mobility gear, or ODM, which as earlier stated “will give you the ability to grapple in the air and strike opponents below,” and “arm-launched rockets” known as Thunder Spears. The additions in question seem like they will be a good fit for the faster gameplay of the most recent and current season, which includes motorcycles as well as grindable rails.

The Update Now Brings With It Some Characters Straight From the Anime

And outside of the features of the gameplay, the update now brings with it some characters straight from the anime. And as was previously known, owners of battle passes will now be able to unlock Eren Jaeger simply by completing a host of missions, but fans also can purchase both Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann in the item shop beginning today. There is also a new location that is tied to the anime although Epic states that it’s hidden. My advice for gamers is to look underground.

Growing List of Anime Collaborations in the Fortnite Game

Of course, this is the most recent in a growing list of anime collaborations in the Fortnite game, which so far has included Naruto, Dragon Ball, and My Hero Academia. And right now, we can just hope for a season-ending that gets to feature some real and actual Titans.



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