Flipboard Wants To Work With Bluesky and Pixelfed

Flipboard wants to work with Bluesky and Pixelfed. This, therefore, means that both iOS and Android Flipboard users can now see posts from the federated social platforms that directly compete with both Twitter and Instagram.

Flipboard Bluesky and Pixelfed

Flipboard Bluesky and Pixelfed

The self-styled social magazine platform known as Flipboard has now integrated Bluesky into its apps for iPhones, iPads, as well as Android devices. Support for the apps in question arrives as a beta feature just a couple of weeks after the very first release of Bluesky’s code, which as you should know gives programmers access to develop making use of the AT protocol on which it is built. Flipboard however announced posts from open-source Instagram alternative Pixelfed which as you should know uses the same ActivityPub protocol that helps to power Mastodon and it will be available in its app in “the coming days.”

How the New Integration Works

If you make use of Flipboard, then you can easily add Bluesky simply by tapping on the four-squares icon at the bottom of the app and then going to the accounts tab. A list of accounts that should show up, thus giving you the option to set up a connection to your preferred social network, which as you already know includes Mastodon, Bluesky, and YouTube.

Signing in on the other hand is very simple as you would need to enter your Bluesky username and password. The app will stop you in the event that you try to use your personal password for the service and in the process urging you to use your Bluesky login credentials to create a unique login for Flipboard.Point: FLipboard!

After you have successfully set up the integration, you can then opt to “follow” posts from individual people from your followers available on the invite-only social network, get your very own posts as they come, or just allow it to show you the “What’s Hot” tab from Bluesky which as you should know could be the best way to get butts on your Flipboard feed.

And if you like, you can easily reply to, Like, and even repost Bluesky content that you get to see on Flipboard, just as you can with the integration of Mastodon.

Flipboard Leaning Heavily Into Open-Source, Federated Social Networks

Flipboard with this new development is leaning heavily into open-source, federated social networks such as Mastodon, which it just added support for in the previous month, and at the moment Bluesky and Pixelfed. The Verge’s David Pierce and Nilay Patel had a sit down with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue on The Vergecast back in April, where McCue chose to double down on his insistence that ActivityPub is the single biggest opportunity that he has seen ever since the dawn of the web, and the three in question discussed the reasons as to why he thinks so.

This is however the second decentralized social network protocol Flipboard has now added support for, and more support is coming on the way. The firm is reportedly planning to integrate its platform at the protocol level in the future fully.



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