Bluesky Is Now Available On Android

Bluesky which is a decentralized alternative to Twitter is now available on Android. But as of the time of this writing, you will need to have an invite code in order to make use of its services.

Bluesky On Android

Bluesky On Android

The Jack Dorsey-backed decentralized alternative to Twitter, Bluesky, now has an Android app. The launch of the app follows the release of the platform and services iOS app, which came out in the latter parts of February. But if you however wish to get access to the service in any way, you will need to join the waitlist or get an invite code from a friend already using it.

What You Need To Know About the Bluesky App

I haven’t tried out the app on an Android phone yet, so I really can’t vouch for the quality of the Android app. But I would however recommend getting on the waitlist for the service as it’s my favorite Twitter clone yet and I bet I speak for a lot of people out there. At the moment, it’s a pretty small community of just over 25,000 people, and it feels like everyone on the platform is really dedicated to maintaining a positive environment. It is also a nice break from Twitter if you know what I mean, which as you should know continues to get worse every day and will probably be especially bad beginning tomorrow.

Drawbacks to the Bluesky App

There are however some limitations to Bluesky right about now. And due to the fact that it is still a small community, you probably will not be able to follow the same people you might on other social networks and platforms. And the platform is still missing basic features such as direct messages. But I however enjoy scrolling my Bluesky feed more than just about any other social network right now, and if the platform eventually takes off, it could prove to be a great as well as a Musk-proof alternative to Twitter.



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