Elon Musk Reportedly Threatens To Sue Microsoft

Elon Musk reportedly threatens to sue Microsoft. After the advertising arm of Microsoft recently announced that it would stop supporting the Musk-owned social media platform Twitter, the tech billionaire threatened ‘lawsuit time.’

Elon Musk to Sue Microsoft

Elon Musk to Sue Microsoft

Elon Musk is now threatening to take legal action against Microsoft over claims that the firm “trained illegally using Twitter data.” The statement of the billionaire came in response to a tweet citing that the advertising platform of Microsoft announced that it would stop supporting Twitter, reportedly due to the changes of Twitter requiring payment to get access to its API.

The threat of Musk is quite vague but however appears to be over OpenAI using Twitter data to train the large language model behind products such as ChatGPT. Obviously, OpenAI is not Microsoft, but it however did receive a company recently, which is building AI into tools such as Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365.

Will Elon Musk Will Continue With His Lawsuit

It’s however still not clear as to whether Elon Musk will continue with suing Microsoft at this point as he previously threatened legal action that never actually happened and this is including against the creator of the @ElonJet Twitter account.

Microsoft has declined to comment on the matter. When reached for a comment, twitters press email replied with a poop emoji.

Microsoft’s Advertising Platform Announced That It Would Stop Supporting Twitter

The company in a message on the top of a support page for Microsoft’s advertising platform says that it will “no longer support Twitter beginning on April 25th, 2023 which simply means that companies can no longer make use of Microsoft’s platform in managing their engagements on the social media platform or even their tweets. This new development also coincides with the timeline by Twitter to put its API behind a paywall.

How the Pricing Initiative Will Affect Companies on Twitter

Under the pricing arrangement of Twitter, big companies such as Microsoft could get to pay as much as $42,000 monthly in order to get access to the API of Twitter. The new pricing system in question already has led to some smaller developers to abandon ship, such as Tapbots, Tweetbot Maker.



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