Fixed Botched Windows Defender Update Still Causing Problems

Fixed botched windows defender update still causing problems. Microsoft has already fixed the botched windows defender update, but it, however, is still facing and causing users problems.

Fixed Botched Windows Defender Update Still Causing Problems

Fixed Botched Windows Defender Update Still Causing Problems

In 2013, there are just two Friday the 13th, and the first one has already seen tech company Microsoft scrambling around in a bid to create a fix for a problem that affected the start menus and taskbars of users following a botched update to its Defender antivirus.

Microsoft following the mishap, took to the internet in a bid to confirm that many of its users had experienced “a series of false positive directions” for the “block Win32 API calls from Office macro” Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) rule thus leading to plenty program shortcuts (.Ink files) vanishing from the platform.

Suggested Fixes from Microsoft to Users

Among the suggested fixes from Microsoft was to turn the “Block API calls from Office macro” rule directly into audit mode. Microsoft however at the moment has issued a more comprehensive fix that, after deploying it, will let users turn the ASR rule back into block mode.

Microsoft has now revealed to users that they should upgrade to security intelligence build 1.381.2164.0 or later. To help with a better understanding, here is an extract from the help page: “Microsoft has confirmed steps that customers can take to recreate start menu links for a significant sub-set of the affected applications that were deleted.”

What the Steps Provided By Microsoft Offer

The steps as you should know have been provided as a PowerShell script that is on a GitHub page which as you should already know by now is a developer website owned by Microsoft. There is a set of instructions for deploying the script making use of Intune also. This is something many users on the platform were vocal about when it came to discussing the blunder on platforms such as Reddit and the Tech Community page owned by Microsoft.

User Reaction to the Botch Patch

One user had to ask Microsoft “why defender did not record the Ink file deletions”.

And as the problem persists and continues to be an ongoing source of disruption among users of Microsoft, it is still unclear as to whether the said fix has been enough for the tech firm to restore some of its lost faith. User experiences overall remain mixed, with some users claiming successful restores, while some on the other hand still reporting errors.


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