Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022/2023 for Gameweek 10

Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022 /2023 for Gameweek 10 – FPL GW10 is here and there are just a few between game week 10 and the world cup breaks which makes it a season to be taken seriously.

Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022 /2023 for Gameweek 10
Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022 /2023 for Gameweek 10

Well, to be more successful while engaging in this type of game you need a mixture of luck and knowledge. Outside having luck, we decided to bring to you, helpful tips to win as you play fantasy. Hence, with them, you will have the ability to make the right pick while selecting players.

Fantasy Premier League Tips 2022/2023 for Gameweek 10

Fantasy Premier League is an official premier league. It has almost everything in common with the original game. Thus, with one important twist, there are no player prices and no team budgets. Hence, every manager in a league will pick a 15 players squad using a draft system.

Furthermore, each player can only be selected by one manager. It is, however, advisable that managers follow all rules guiding the game carefully. Here are tips that would help you in your FPL GW10:

FPL Gameweek 10 Tips for Goalkeepers

Your goalkeeper plays a vital role while selecting your team. Hence, it is important you choose a good goalkeeper for this week. However, it is not advisable to buy or own expensive goalkeepers. This is because only one of them can play each game week. Thus, if you can’t get a keeper like “Ederson”, Allison and others, you can get a goalkeeper like “Meslier”.


Just like all players are important, your defender is very much vital. Having good defenders would somehow prevent you from losing a game. While selecting a defender, you should consider persons like “Reece James”, “Trippier” and N.Williams. Furthermore, you can also consider Cancelo, this is because they are the best ever seen. Well, with them, you are certain of winning.

FPL Gameweek 10 Tips for Midfielders

While considering taking midfielders, you should consider taking “Andreas”, “De Bruyne” and “Bowen”. This is because they are always trusted with playing well. Hence, their skills can’t be augured. They are among the best FPL midfielders and are doing very well for themselves in FPL.


Having yourself watch a good football game is like medicine to your soul and fantasy brings all the fun out. While making a selection on the type of forwarders that would be good for you, you should pick the best. Some of these forwarders are “Mitrovic”, “Toney” and Haaland.  Having seen how well they played in the previous Game week; you would be making the right choice ensuring they are among your pick.

FPL Gameweek 9 Tips for Captain

It is important you choose the right captain during your selection. Having a good captain in your team ensures that the players are all motivated, and keep their position. So far, Kelvin De Bruyne and Haaland are known to be one of the best captains currently.

Hence, with their good gameplay, condition and outstanding performance, calling them the best would not be just a gainsay. You should ensure you stick to the above given if you want to have an enjoyable fantasy football.

Premier League 2022/2023 Gameweek

It is important as a fantasy premier league manager you should check out fixed games for that week. Below is a table that contains the fixture and also their time.

DateFixturesTime (BST)
October 8thBournemouth vs Leicester15:00
October 8thChelsea vs Wolves15:00
October 8thMan City vs Southampton b15:00
October 8thNewcastle vs Branford15:00
October 8thBrighton vs Spurs17:00
October 9thCrystal Palace vs Leeds14:00
October 9thWest Ham vs Fulam14:00
October 9thArsenal vs Liverpool16:30
October 9thEverton vs Man Utd19:00
October 10thNott’m Forest vs Aston Villa20:00



What if I cannot Make the Draft?

Some managers will not be able to make the draft time. OFPL Draft has a watchlist feature where you can rank as many players as you like in priority order ahead of the draft day. Hence, during the draft day, your selection time will run down, and then the highest-ranked player on your watchlist will be selected.

How do I Make Transfers?

Before each game week begins you will have the opportunity to swap your players with any players available. These can be in two ways, through Waivers or as a Free Agent. Furthermore, you can also trade players with other managers in-between gameweeks.

Can I Leave the League?

It is only possible to leave a league before the draft has taken place. However, once the draft has taken place, your team is locked in the league for the remainder of the season.

How many Leagues can I be in?

You can be in up to 10 private leagues and 3 public leagues.



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