Facebook Portal Mount – Different Versions of the Facebook Portal

The Facebook Portal is actually a new device where individuals get the opportunity to chat with their Facebook buddies and in order to aid usage the Facebook Portal mount is introduced. Well, the major feature of the portal is for video chatting, and in order to aid more comfortable usage it is Amazon Alexa enabled.

Facebook Portal Mount
Facebook Portal Mount

Facebook Portal

The Facebook Portal is a brand of smart displays and cameras developed by Facebook which is now Meta Platforms, Inc. Moreso, these devices are designed for video calling and communication and they come in various models and sizes, including the Portal, Portal Mini, Portal Plus, and Portal TV.

Different Versions of the Facebook Portal

Well, you should know that there are different versions of the Facebook portal which are Portal, Portal Mini, Portal Plus, and Portal TV which are stated below for better enlightenment.

Facebook Portal Mini

The Facebook Portal Mini is a smaller version of the Facebook Portal smart display. Moreover, the Portal Mini is designed for video calling and communication, and it has a compact size suitable for placing on a table or countertop.

Key features of the Facebook Portal Mini;

  • Video Calling
  • Smart Camera
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Display
  • Privacy Features

Facebook Portal Plus

The Facebook Portal Plus is a larger and more advanced version of the Facebook Portal smart display. Like other Portal devices, it is designed for video calling and communication, but it offers some additional features due to its larger size.

Key features of the Facebook Portal Plus;

  • Large Display
  • Smart Camera
  • Amazon Alexa Integration
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Privacy Features

Facebook Portal TV

The Facebook Portal TV is a device designed to turn your television into a smart video calling and streaming hub. It is part of the Facebook Portal family, but unlike the standalone smart displays, the Portal TV connects to your existing television.

Key features of the Facebook Portal TV;

  • Video Calling
  • Smart Camera
  • AR Effects
  • Streaming Apps
  • Voice Control
  • Privacy Features

How Does Facebook Portal Work

The Facebook Portal, like other smart displays with video calling capabilities, works as follows:


The Portal features a high-definition camera, a built-in microphone array, and a touchscreen display. Some models also include additional features such as a camera cover for privacy and the ability to adjust the camera’s angle.


To use the Facebook Portal, you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network and sign in with your Facebook or WhatsApp account. This allows you to access your contacts and initiate video calls.

Video Calling

The primary function of the Facebook Portal is video calling. You can make video calls to your Facebook friends who also have a Portal device, as well as to anyone with a Facebook or WhatsApp account, even if they don’t have a Portal. You can call using voice commands like “Hey Portal, call [contact name]” or by tapping on the touchscreen.

Smart Assistant

The device typically includes a voice-activated smart assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa, that can answer questions, set reminders, control smart home devices, and more.

Messaging and Apps

You can use the Portal for messaging, checking your calendar, and accessing various apps and services available through the device’s ecosystem.

Display and Sound

The Portal’s touchscreen display allows for easy interaction, and its speakers provide clear audio for both the call participants and other functions, such as streaming music or watching videos.


Many smart displays, including the Portal, have privacy features to address concerns about the camera and microphone. These include physical camera covers, mute switches for the microphone, and the ability to disable voice recording and storage.

Well, these are some of the amazing features and as time goes on there are several other features that will be updated for users.

How to Use Facebook Portal

Using the Facebook Portal is actually not really difficult and the steps below will direct you on that;

  • The first step you should consider is powering up your portal and then after that, the screen will turn.
  • After that, it is important you select our language choice and then proceed to connect your Wi-Fi where you need to select the network options.
  • The portal also needs to download software updates by restarting and after that, you should log in to your Facebook or WhatsApp account.
  • The portal will proceed to give you notifications on contact management and will also try to guide you on moving the camera.
  • After that, you can proceed to connect to music accounts from allowed platforms and you can also be able to manage your photos.
  • Lastly, you will get a pop-up notification to link to your Alexa account and also, with that follow the rest onscreen instructions.

Well, this is the guide on how to make use of the Portal.


What I Facebook portal used for?

Facebook Portal is a line of AR-enabled video chatters that also includes a smart camera. Calls can be placed from the Portal via Zoom or other Facebook applications like WhatsApp and Messenger. Meta has discontinued the Portal but you can still buy one.

Can you use WhatsApp on Face Portal?

Your contacts are kept on the Portal device and are not shared with Facebook if you choose to link your WhatsApp account. Tap or choose Apps > Settings > Profiles on your Portal. Enter your passcode after tapping or selecting your name. Press or choose “Connect WhatsApp.”

Can Portal make phone calls?

Calls to and from WhatsApp connections and Facebook pals can be placed using the portal. However, Facebook Messenger connections that don’t have Facebook accounts aren’t included. Also, your call from Portal may be received by other Portal devices on the receiving end.



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