Facebook Easter Egg Hunt – Facebook Easter Egg Hunt Qualification

I want to share information about the Facebook Easter Egg Hunt. The Facebook hunt is also known as the Faberge big egg hunt. It was a 2012 charity fundraising campaign that was in the aid of action for children. The elephant family was also involved in this fundraising. This event was sponsored by jeweler Faberge.

Facebook Easter Egg Hunt

These two charity organizations worked together to back up the largest and Easiest egg hunt ever. This was known as the big egg hunt. This took place in England in Spring in the year 2012. About two hundred artists, designers, and celebrities created and painted fiberglass eggs that were meters high. These eggs were scattered around selected locations in London.

Facebook Easter Egg Hunt

The Facebook Easter hunt is an egg exciting quest that needs your help to snag eggs.

In this Easter egg contest, you stand a chance to go home with some goodies. This hunt would be done online and on the Facebook platform.

In this contest, you would have to look out for the Facebook contest posts. When you find the post, leave a comment telling which egg bunny will reach the maze and how you would spend your long weekend.

Facebook Easter Egg Hunt Qualification

For you to qualify, there are some requirements that you must meet. Here are some of the qualification criteria.

  • You must be above the age of eighteen as this is the official adult age.
  • You must have a valid Facebook account for the purpose of verification.
  • To qualify, you must be a follower of Centrepoint’s Facebook page. Also note that if your Facebook account is not made public, you would be disqualified.
  • You only have one entry as a participant and must consist of your guess on which egg bunny would reach the maze. It should also include how you’ll spend your Easter weekend.
  • Your details such as NRIC number, full name per NRIC, mailing address per NRIC, email address, date of birth, and contact number must be provided after you are selected as a winner.

These are the qualifications to enter the contest and get your prize.

Terms and Conditions

The Facebook Easter egg hunt comes with some terms and conditions which I would be outlining here shortly. The Easter egg hunt content would be announced when the contest expires and the results are calculated.

One of the terms involved is that you must qualify. There are several factors surrounding the qualification. You should know that the winners would be determined by the management of the FPS whose decision would be final.

You should also note that if your price is unclaimed after one month of the email notification, the price would deem unclaimed or unaccepted.



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