Expo 2020 Dubai UAE Buy Your Tickets Now: Dubai 2020 Expo Ticket Prices

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE buy your tickets now – With less than 450 days remaining in the world expo 2020 held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, enthusiast and fans can still get their tickets and pass to the numerous events and opportunities the expo offers. And in this post, everything you need to know regarding tickets will be shared.

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE Buy Your Tickets Now

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE Buy Your Tickets Now

The expo 2020 Dubai has commenced already. The event started on the 1st of October 2021 and it is expected to run through to 10th April 2022. Although the event has already kick-started, tickets and passes to the world expo event are still very much on sale on the official website of the event. But before you start getting your tickets for the event, here are the pieces of information you need to know.

The Dubai 2020 expo will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to bring the world together once again. The aim is not just to bring the world together but to do so in a safe environment. The event will play host to over 190 countries globally in one place with the theme of “connecting minds, creating the future.”

After getting your ticket you are to enjoy over 200 F&B outlets and also over 60 live events every day for six months. You will get to learn and know about various nations and cultures all gathered by the Dubai 2020 expo. Also, you will get to explore a platform graced with the greatest innovations and technologies.

Dubai 2020 Expo Ticket Prices

There are three types of passes that can be booked in the Dubai 2020 world expo namely, daily passes, monthly passes, and lastly, seasonal passes. The daily pass can only be used for a day and after that, it is no longer valid. The cost of this very pass is AED 95.  The monthly pass offers access to the event for 30 days consecutively. The cost of this pass is AED 195. Lastly, the seasonal pass offers unlimited and unrestricted access to the expo for the duration of it.

The event also offers a free pass but accessing this free pass comes with its own terms and conditions. Children below the age of 18 have free access to the expo. Also, students with valid IDs from recognized institutions all over the globe are offered free entry to the expo event. Visitors aged 60 and above are offered free access to the expo also. Disabled people or people with determination are also offered free access with caretakers being offered passes with 50% off.

How to Buy the Dubai 2020 Expo Tickets Now

Getting the tickets for the expo event is very easy. You can easily book your ticket via the official website of the expo at www.expo2020dubai.com and the official expo 2020 Dubai mobile app. You can also purchase a ticket via the 2,500 authorized ticket sellers online. You can easily do a quick search online and be directed to websites and online platforms where you can get your tickets from.


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