Dubai Expo 2020: Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets Price

Expo 2020 or Dubai expo 2020 is a world expo hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates currently. The world expo event commenced on the 1st of October 2021 and will end on the 31st of March 2022.

Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

The world expo event originally was scheduled for 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021. But due to the global COVID 19 pandemic, it was postponed, hence the name “expo 2020.” The name however was kept by the organizers of the show for branding and marketing purposes. On the 27th of November 2013, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) general named Dubai as the host of the world expo event.

The main site for the Dubai 202 expo is a 1083 acre area. This site is located between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai close to Dubai’s southern border with Abu Dhabi. The master plan for the main site for the world expo event was designed by HOK, an American firm. The vent is organized around a central plaza named the Al Wasl.

Also, it is enclosed by three big thematic districts. Each of the three districts is dedicated to one of the sub-themes of the 2020 expo which are opportunity, sustainability, and mobility. The infrastructure of the Dubai expo 2020 site was built by BESIX and Orascom and it has an emergency center that includes an emergency care room, isolation room, and helicopter and ambulance services.

Dubai Expo 2020 Cancelled

The Dubai 2020 expo originally was scheduled to commence in April last year and scale through to march 2021, hence the “2020”. But with the coronavirus pandemic pushing most regions of the world into isolation, the event was postponed and not canceled. The event was never canceled or was it planned to be canceled. It was only delayed and postponed to a better time where it will be safe for large gatherings of people for safety reasons.

Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets Price

The event as you should have known is not free. Well to some extent it is free but not completely. There are three types of tickets for the event. There are the daily passes, monthly passes, and lastly the seasonal passes. The daily ticket or pass is only applicable for one day and after that, it is expired.

The daily pass costs AED 95. The monthly pass on the other hand offers unrestricted entry for 30 days consecutively and it costs AED 195. Lastly, the seasonal pass offers unlimited entry for the entirety of the event which is six months. The cost of the seasonal pass is AED 495.

Entry for children below the age of 18 is free for the entirety of the expo Dubai 2020. Students with valid ID cards from recognized academic institutions all over the world also will get free entry into the event. Entry to the expo is also free for people aged 60 and above. People of determination or disabled people will also get free entry into the expo, with a 50% offer price offered for one caretaker. Tickets for the Dubai 2020 expo went on sale globally from the 18th of July 2021 at the official website of the expo


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