New Twitter Feature Will Let You Remove Followers Without Blocking Them

New Twitter feature will let you remove followers without blocking them. The social media giants is now rolling out a new feature to all web users that will allow user remove followers without blocking them.

New Twitter Feature Will Let You Remove Followers Without Blocking Them

New Twitter Feature Will Let You Remove Followers Without Blocking Them

The feature has been in testing since last month. This safety feature will be very helpful to users that want to avoid the consequences of blocking another user on the platform. Normally when a blocked user on Twitter visits your Twitter profile after they have been blocked by you, Twitter will let them know that they have been blocked. On the other hand, if you remove a user or a follower, you will feel more secures about who sees your tweet without blocking them.

A locked user might notice that they no longer follow you, but what the heck! There just might be the possibility that he clicked the unfollow button unknowingly to them. There is a reasonable amount of deniability here that the block button does not offer.

Twitter users for so many years had come up with the “soft bock” feature. This is where a person swiftly blocks and unblocks a follower from their follower list. Twitter is now doing something about the feature as it is creating something similar.

How to Access and Make Use Of the Feature

Accessing and making use of the feature is easy but only if you know how to. In a tweet the company shared back in September, images shared indicated that users have to manually scroll through their follower’s lists, locate the person they want to remove before taking them off their flowers list. But with the latest update to the feature, users can now also do the same thing by going to the profile of users they want to remove. On the user’s profile, click on the three-dotted icon and select the “remove this follower” option.

Twitter also announces a new feature that is separate from follower removals. The said feature would let uses swipe on their timeline between two different feeds. One field will be sorted by twitters algorithm and the other will be chronological. The social media platform already lets users switch between two feeds. But the feature will be coming in at a time where content algorithms are at grave attention with what is going on at Facebook and all.

Twitters Support for Multiple Algorithms for Users

During Frances Hague testimony, she said she believes that ranking content chronologically helps to limit the spread of toxicity, violence, and misinformation on Facebook. she said that the social media giants use an algorithm that promotes content more likely to spark a reaction from users, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey previously has shown his support for the ability of users to select from different algorithms to organize what they want to see.

Twitter lately has been testing a slew of features and we all know that not everything tested by the company actually sees the light. But the gesture however is a positive sign of where the interest of the company lies. Recently, Twitter announced a strategy that would include more experimentation than it did in the past. This simply means that the company is ready to put down projects and features that did not work as planned, something that it has already done with its own stories features known as fleets.

In a statement by twitters head of consumer product Kayvon Beykpour, last month when announcing a new round of new features and additions reads “you won’t see us stay tied to things that aren’t working. We believe that if we are not winding things down every once in a while, then we are not taking big enough bets.”


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