Eating Fruits and Veggies – List of the Most Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables

Eating Fruits and Veggies

List of the Most Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables (Veggies). Fruits and vegetables are the best consumables yet they are the most underestimated.

Eating fruits and vegetables are more important than we think they are, apart from the fact that fruits and vegetables are highly concentrated in water (which helps in body processes).

They also contain certain vitamins that will help boost the immune system and help the body in numerous ways unimaginable.

Eating Fruits and Veggies

Benefits of Eating Fruits and Veggies

Below is a brief list of the various benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

  • They lower blood pressure.
  • They reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • They prevent some types of cancer.
  • They lower the risk of eye and digestive problems.
  • They have a positive effect on blood sugar.
  • They help in appetite check.
  • It promotes weight loss.

Weight Loss and Eating Fruits and Veggies

Using more fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains, lean meats, nuts, and beans, is a safe and healthy way to lose or maintain weight. In addition, diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Fruits and vegetables also provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health.

List of Vitamins in Fruits and Vegetables

The major vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables are;

List of the Most Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables

It has been proven by experts that the fruits and vegetables listed below are the most nutritious to ever exist. Check them out.

  • Sour red cherries (frozen)
  • Leeks (raw)
  • Red leaf lettuce (raw)
  • Green snap beans (raw)
  • Cherimoya (raw)
  • Swiss chard (raw)
  • Beet greens (raw)
  • Watercress (raw)
  • Celery flakes (dried)
  • Tangerines (raw)
  • Red cabbage (raw)
  • Onions (young green)
  • Pink and red grapefruit (raw)
  • Dandelion greens (raw)
  • Spinach (frozen)
  • Collards (raw)
  • Basil (fresh)
  • Kale (raw)
  • Broccoli rabe (raw)
  • Mustard greens (raw)
  • Romaine lettuce (raw)
  • Coriander/cilantro leaves (raw)
  • Chinese bok choy cabbage (raw)
  • Apricots (raw)
  • Cress (raw)
  • Parsley (fresh)
  • Spinach (raw)
  • Sour red cherries (raw)
  • Butterhead lettuce (raw)
  • Peas (raw)
  • Cowpeas (raw)
  • Summer zucchini squash (raw)
  • Plantains (raw)
  • Red and green tomatoes (raw)
  • Green leaf lettuce (raw)
  • Taro leaves
  • Chives (raw)
  • Arugula (raw)
  • Gold and green kiwi fruit (raw)

Apart, from all the benefits of taking fruits and vegetables, the sweet, enticing taste is one other reason to try them out. I recommend, trying out the fruits and vegetables listed above. Thank me later.


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