Easter Chicken – Easter Chicken that Lays Eggs

Easter Chicken is actually the best breed to go for when you are preparing for the Easter season. At least, you won’t have to source Easter Eggs for your celebration, you will have the perfect egg producer she meat in the same package.

Easter Chicken

Easter Chicken Eggs

I know you are already gathering some backyard Chicken for the Easter season. As it continues to become a tradition for people to gather eggs that were played under their care, giving you the best breeds to gather will be very beneficial. This article will not only benefit us for the Easter season, it will also benefit the farmers as you are about to get the breeds with the best egg production ability and capacity. Keep reading till the end of this article to get the full information.

Easter Chicken that Lays Eggs

One of the reasons why we call them Easter Chickens is not just because they have an extra egg production ability, but the fact that they produce a wide range of egg and plumage colors. These types of Chickens are called the Easter Eggers.

In the United States of America, Easter Eggers is a bird that carries the extensive ability to lay blue eggs. They carry a blue egg-laying gene from their parent’s stock.

Easter Eggers

Now, Easter Eggers are not just a breed of Chicken, they are just Chickens with The extra Ordinary Egg bearing ability. Although they are primarily seen as egg layers, they are also multipurpose breeds. This article will contain everything you need to know about them, their temporary, egg laying ability, and much more.

History and Background of Eater Eggers

Easter Eggers are not natural breeds, they were gotten from cross-breeding other breeds with Araucanas and Ameraucanas. The results of this cross-breeding became an adorable bird or chicken with multi-colored eggs.

Araucanas and Ameraucanas both have the gene of laying blue eggs. So, when they are crossed with a breed that lays brown eggs the results will be green/olive colored eggs.

Easter Eggers have ben around for a while now. Infact, they are becoming more popular because of their colored eggs and their low maintenance lifestyle.

Easter Chicken Breeds

Now let me introduce you to the breeds.that brought about these Easter Eggers. Here they are below;


The original mothers of this breed were brought to the United States from Chile, south America. They are rumpless birds( birds that have no tail and no coccyx). They have ear tufts and pea combs. The gene of ear tufts can be lethal to the embryos. If both parents have it, the chicks may die in their shell. This breed is a mix of Collonca and Quetros chickens from the area they came from, and they carry the dominant gene for laying blue eggs.


This Chicken was bred from a mixed breed Chickens and Araucanas. They were developed to the liking of the breeders. This breed was created to retain the blue-colored eggs and remove the lethal gene that causes ear tufts.

Features of the Easter Eggers

The Easter Eggers has a lot of features which will depend on their parents. Mostly, they can have any comb ( single and pea being the most common). They can have ear lobes of any color, red or white. both sexes have red small wattles.

Facially, they look like chipmunks. They usually have tails but because of the Araucana gene, some may be rumpless. They have clean legs and the shanks can be of any color from yellow to skate blue. Their feet have four toes.Their feathers can come in any solid colours, patterns, or splashes is any colour. For a standard chicken, they are quite small with the boys weighing 5lb and the girls weighing 4lb

These are what you need to know about Easter eggers. There fore if you are looking for the best Chickens for easter eggs, go for Easter Eggers.


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