Duolingo Reportedly Launches a New AI-Powered Subscription Plan

Duolingo reportedly launches a new AI-Powered subscription plan. The firm has now implemented GPT-4 features in a limited amount of language courses on the platform.

Duolingo Reportedly Launches a New AI-Powered Subscription Plan

Duolingo Reportedly Launches a New AI-Powered Subscription Plan

Duolingo on Tuesday just rolled out a new subscription plan that utilizes artificial intelligence to power a fresh set of tutoring features. the language-learning company in a blog post stated it’s partnered with OpenAI to make use of GPT-4, which is the latest version of AI technology behind the popular ChatGPT service. Known as Duolingo Max, the premium tier now grants access to everything in the Super Duolingo subscription but however includes two new features which are Explain My Answer and Roleplay.

Features of the New Subscription Plan

The Explain My Answer feature aims to give users more insight during a lesson simply by enabling them to “enter a chat with Duo to get a simple explanation on why their answer was right or wrong, and ask for examples or further clarification,” the company stated.

The Roleplay feature on the other hand provides an interactive conversation that lets you chat with an AI character in guided scenarios. Duolingo says that each conversation is different on the platform and that users get feedback and advice on their respective replies.

What You Need To Know About the New Plan

Duolingo said that humans provide oversight on the answers that are generated in Roleplay and Explain My Answer and that they write the hypothetical scenarios for Roleplay. The company also encourages its learners to report any form of bugs or mistakes they may encounter while making use of the new features.

Duolingo Max Availability and Cost

Duolingo Max as you should know is available to English-speaking learners in the United States who are taking courses in Spanish or French on iOS. The cost for the plan is $30 per month or $168 a year, and you can find it simply by clicking on the Shop tab in the app. Duolingo plans to expand the features to more platforms and language courses in the nearest future.


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