The Best Online Job Posting Sites for Employers

In this article, we will list the Top 10 online job posting sites for employers. Job posting sites enable employers to post job openings in order to reach out to people looking for work. There are many job-posting sites available that can connect you to talented and passionate employees who have the knowledge and experience and are willing to help you steer your job toward success.

Online Job Posting Sites

Top 10 Online Job Posting Sites for Employers

To help you find the best online job websites, we have compiled a list of the top 10 online job posting sites. Our selection is based on reviews of each of these platforms considering their ease of use, cost, features, and reputation.


Indeed is one of the best job-posting sites available. It is recorded that the platform has over 250 million visitors per month. This platform lets employers post jobs for free or sponsor jobs in order to expand their reach. Indeed also provides an easy-to-use search tool, which you can make use of to browse through the profiles of online job seekers in the platform database.

Employers can easily reach out to candidates who qualify for the job through the contact information they provided. A new job posting can be seen by job seekers, who can fill out their preferences for a job and then find matching job listings. On the platform, you also get a free applicant tracking system that helps you organize potential candidates for your job. Indeed, it offers both free and paid services for as little as $5 per day.


  • There is no charge to use the assessment and job skills test.
  • Free and premium job posting
  • Mobile friendly
  • Suitable for posting different kinds of jobs, including part-time, internships, and freelancing


LinkedIn is a popular professional social networking site that has over 830 million members in more than 190 countries. This platform is great for both small and large businesses. Employers can sign up and create a free professional profile on LinkedIn, though premium subscription services are available.

On the LinkedIn platform, you can post one free job opening and also filter and manage your candidates. In order for you to promote your job, make sure it appears in the search result. If you intend to post multiple job listings at once, you can add a daily or total budget using LinkedIn’s pay-per-click model. The cost of each click will be calculated based on your job location and competition. Linkedin premium services include LinkedIn Premium Career at $29.99/month, LinkedIn Premium Business at $59.99/month, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator at $99.99/month.


  • Good applicant capabilities
  • wide reach out to applicants for professional jobs
  • Affordable pay-per-click option (minimum of $2–$5) to help increase your job posting’s visibility
  • Interact with applicants


Handshake is an ideal platform for employers seeking to recruit college students or recent graduates. Employers can use Handshake to post jobs as well as sign up for and participate in campus events such as career fairs; the platform includes over 1,300 educational institutions. Employers can also conduct and manage virtual interviews.

The Handshake platform also allows employers to search through applicants’ profiles, download resumes, and even chat with applicants directly on the platform. Handshake offers both free and paid services; you will have to contact Handshake directly about their premium partnership pricing. You can make use of Handshake either on their website or mobile application.


  • Large reach out to college students and recent graduates
  • conduct and manage virtual interviews
  • view applicants’ profiles and download resumes
  • communicate with applicants directly on the platform


Ladders is another job search platform that employers can make use of to post their available jobs. The platform was created to help experienced professionals find high-paying jobs in the United States and Canada. If you will like to fill a job position that pays at least $100,000 per year, this platform will give you ten free jobs, resume views, and emails per month. Ladders also offers paid premium services, the prices range from $49.97 monthly to $299.64 annually.


  • Ladders allow you to find highly qualified and experienced candidates
  • Offers free and paid job listings
  • Employers can only receive alerts for applicants who meet their criteria
  • Allows monthly or annual paid premium subscription


Learn4Good is a job search website with opportunities for students. With its free employer plan, you can receive 20 listings credit which you can make use of in under six-month. The platform sends job applications via email or text message. If you make use of your 20 listing credits, you will have to wait till six-month time to renew your free plan. You can choose to upgrade to a paid plan and receive about 50 to 1,000 credits. You can also view resumes for free. Their paid plan price ranges from $59 to $199.


  • Great platform for connecting with students
  • Allows U.S and International Job Searches
  • Customized candidate filter and applicant matching


AngelList provides startup companies with a free space to connect with startup-ready job seekers. The platform has over 8 million job seekers interested in working for new businesses. Their free plan allows you to post many jobs as you want. On the platform, you can create a business profile, use a tracking system without paying and also message applicants directly. AngelList has a Recruit pro plan which starts at $250 per month. This plan offers some services which may be of help to you.


  • Unlimited Job posting
  • Great platform for candidates who want to work for new businesses
  • Plenty of startup and tech jobs

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff is an ideal platform for employers who would like to recruit remote employees such as software developers and graphic designers. The platform reaches over 90,000 individuals monthly. Hubstaff allows employers to post as many jobs for free and they will receive applications that contain candidate contact information. They offer paid services for time tracking and project management.


  • Free Job Listings
  • Easy tracking and contacting of applicants
  • Great for finding remote job seekers


This job posting platform has been around since 2007. PostJobFree distributes job listings on other job searches websites such as and the platform allows employers to post ten jobs per day and also make use of their resume database for free.

With their premium membership plan, employers will receive each candidate’s contact information which you can make use of to call or email them directly. You will also have access to unlimited resume views. The premium membership plan starts from $29 to $399 per month.


  • Free access to the resume database
  • Distributes job listing across 20+ other job boards
  • Easy and fast job listing


Upwork charges no fee to employers for job postings. With Upwork, employers can post jobs, track time, and manage contracts. They can also put parameters and criteria on job openings in order for you to only see the right applicants, based on location, ratings, and experience. Upwork has three tiers, “Free”, and “Plus” at $49 per month, and “Business” at $849 per month.


  • Easily find jobs and potential clients
  • Charges small fee from each project compared to other similar platforms
  • Easy to use and large array of features


Guru is a job posting website that employers can make use of to find programmers, web developers, and other freelance job seekers. Guru is similar to another freelance website that lets you post jobs, hire freelancers and pay your hires in one place. Employers can post jobs on Guru for free, but you will have to pay a fee of 2.9% per invoice.


  • Free job postings
  • Pay nothing when making use of e-check or wire transfer
  • Ideal platform for finding freelancers


There are many reputable job posting sites. Which you can make use of to recruit candidates without having to spend a penny. You can make use of any of the sites listed above so you can find the best one for your business, preference, and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Job Platforms?

Job platforms can be used as search engines and databases for open jobs. The platforms can be used by candidates with any educational or experience level to find employment in any sector. Employers can also make use of job platforms to recruit applicants in order to fill a vacant job space

What is the best free job posting site?

Finding the best free job posting site can be difficult since there are different free job posting platforms available. You can find the best one depending on your hiring needs such as your company size and preferences. Some of the best free job posting sites include LinkedIn, Indeed, and Handshake.

How do I write a job post?

A simple job post should contain important information about your business, roles, and responsibilities of the vacant position.

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