Dry Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

You should consider applying for any of the Dry-Cleaning Jobs in the USA with a Visa Sponsorship if you want to move to the USA as a dry cleaner. One of the easiest ways you can move to the USA is by getting a Job that comes with a free visa.

In this case, your employer will be responsible for helping you obtain the appropriate visa. It’s easy to get a dry-cleaning job in the USA since it does not require prior work experience.

However, you need to get a job with a company that is willing to offer you a visa sponsorship. Are you interested in learning more about this? Keep on reading.

Dry Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

When you get a Dry Cleaning Job in the USA with a Visa sponsorship, you can continue your cleaning career in the country. The company that hires you will help you through the Visa application process.

Also, your employer will obtain a labour certification for you and file a petition with USCIS.  He or She must also show proof that you will be paid at least the minimum wage for the position that you are filling.Dry Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Urgent Jobs for Foreign Dry Cleaners in USA

Do you have dreams of working in the USA? If you do, you can make this dream a reality by applying for the Urgent dry cleaners job for foreigners. When you are good at what you do and meet certain requirements, getting an international dry-cleaning job will be very easy.

There are so many companies and private employers hiring foreign dry cleaners in the USA  and this is an opportunity for you to migrate especially if they are offering free visas. For an employer to sponsor your USA work visa, he or she must be a USA Citizen or Permanent Resident. Read on to learn more about this.

Who is a Dry Cleaner?

A dry cleaner is an individual that set uses machines to wash and dry clean clothes, blankets, rugs, and other items. Dry cleaners offer cleaning services for clothing, and other household items that cannot be washed at home.

These individuals are also responsible for pressing, ironing, mending, and sewing the clothing they wash. They work with washing machines and other cleaning machines. Also, these individuals work with cleaning chemicals, solvents, bleach, detergents, and other cleaning agents to remove spots and stains.

Description of Dry Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

This section of the article will discuss in detail, all you need to know about dry cleaning. If you want to get a dry cleaning job in the USA, you must have a foundational knowledge of what the job entails. As you read on, you will discover the roles, duties and responsibilities of this job and lots more.

Qualifications and Requirements for Dry Cleaning Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you want to get an international dry-cleaning job in the USA, you need to meet certain requirements. Some of the requirements and qualifications needed to get a dry-cleaning job include:

  • High School diploma or its equivalent.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Foundational knowledge of cleaning equipment.
  • The ability to relate well with customers.
  • Good observation skills.
  • The ability to read and follow manuals that come with cleaning agents.

These are the major requirements needed for an international Dry cleaning job. Some employers may require more qualifications and requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dry Cleaners in the USA

When applying for a job, you should know the roles and responsibilities that would be required of you. The roles and responsibilities of dry cleaners in the USA include:

  • Washing and cleaning of clothes, linens, and other materials.
  • Labelling items of customers and including the cleaning instructions as well.
  • Working with cleaning solvents and detergents to remove spots and stains.
  • Operating dry cleaning machines, washers, and dryers.
  • Pressing, ironing, and steaming clothes and other items.
  • Inspecting and maintaining cleaning machines.
  • Dying articles to change or restore their colours.
  • Immersing clothing in bleaching baths to strip colours.

These are the major responsibilities of dry cleaners in the USA. Your employer may require you to carry out other specific duties and responsibilities.

Education and Training Requirements for Dry Cleaners in the USA

The Dry-cleaning job does not require any special educational requirements. However, some employers will demand a high school graduate certificate or its equivalent. You can also choose to take courses in dry cleaning from a trade or vocational school to add to your qualifications. Also, some employers will offer their employees the opportunity of furthering their education while they work.

Working Conditions of Dry Cleaners in the USA

The working conditions of Dry cleaners in the USA vary and this depends on the season and where they work. Dry cleaners work an average of 40 hours a week. These work hours may increase during busy seasons. Depending on where they work, some dry cleaners may also work during weekends.

8 Best Dry Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship to Apply For 

There are lots of dry cleaning jobs to apply for in the United State. Some of these jobs include:

Dry Cleaner / Presser

A laundry presser works at a dry cleaning establishment with operating equipment that shapes garments and removes wrinkles. However, as a laundry presser, you run a laundry press that uses various chemicals or steam to remove wrinkles and shape clients’ clothing. Hence, you are accessible to an average salary of about $23,500-$32,000 per year. This amount can change due to differences in company policy.

Dry Cleaner and Delivery Driver 

For dry cleaning delivery drivers, they are responsible for picking up dry cleaning orders from customers’ homes and delivering complete orders to them. Furthermore, they maintain route delivery statistics daily and the delivery of orders to the proper customers/ address. As a dry cleaner and delivery driver, you can earn an average salary of $24,000-$36,000 per year. Note, this amount could change as companies vary.

Dry Cleaner Clerk

Dry cleaners clerks are saddled with the responsibility of operating dry cleaning machines, washers, and dryers. Furthermore, they Clean, press, iron, and steams clothing and other fabric items. Hangs or folds items when the cleaning process is complete. The average salary of dry cleaners clerk is about $27,000-$39,000 per year and they are likely to earn more. However, most companies would want to pay more or less.

Laundry Attendant

Laundry attendants are responsible for cleaning, ironing, and folding laundry neatly. Furthermore, they also take care of the laundry equipment that they make use of as they progress in their duties. Laundry attendants are open to the average pay of $23,000-$30,000 per year. However, your company can decide to pay you hourly or weekly.

Plant Manager Dry Cleaner

Plant managers are responsible for overseeing the provision of laundry and dry cleaning services for customers. Furthermore, they take up the responsibility of ensuring compliance maintenance in operations.

This set of people maintains a daily log of all activities in and out of laundry. They manage the laundry and dry cleaning daily and weekly planning to guarantee the Fastest outcome in outstanding productive work done.

Plant managers are accessible to an average salary of about $37,000-$40,000 per year. As like we stated before now, this amount could change as time goes on due to differences in company policy.

Dry Cleaner/spotter

Dry cleaner spotters are charged with the responsibility of sorting cloths into appropriate categories prior to cleaning. They further perform wet cleaning, dry cleaning and also spotting.

They are in charge of ordering cleaning supplies and also maintaining the spotting board and cleaning machines. A dry cleaner/spotter is open to an average salary of $27,000-$39,000 per year.

Dry Cleaner

As a dry cleaner, you are saddled with the responsibility of receiving soiled clothing from customers. Giving clients receipts and also collecting money when the customer picked up the cleaned clothing. Furthermore, they also mark tags and mark the soiled clothing so that it cloud be returned to the right customers when demanded. Get a yearly pay of about $23,000-$30,000.

Dry Cleaner Operator and Driver 

This set of persons works on various machinery to iron and press laundry after having it washed in coordinated colours. They use the shirt press, pants press and various kinds of steamers setup.

They operate the dry clean van to pick up and drop off laundry from various hotels and restaurants at the beginning and end of the day. Dry cleaners operators and drivers are paid heavily, they earn an average salary of about $40,000-$52,000 yearly.

Step By Step Guide on How to Apply for Dry Cleaning Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The process of applying for a USA dry cleaning job for foreigners is very easy. You can carry out this application online with a few simple steps. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Search for reliable job search websites that have visa sponsorship jobs. You can also make use of social media platformers like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Use these job websites to search for Dry cleaning jobs that come with free visas.
  • Go through the requirements of the jobs you can find; their qualifications required skills, responsibilities, and lots more.
  • Determine the dry cleaning jobs that match your qualifications and take note of them.
  • Next, you have to prepare a resume for each job you want to apply for. Make sure the resume aligns with the job description.
  • Begin the job application process by filling out the online form and uploading all the required documents.
  • If you are qualified for the job, you will be contacted by the hiring company for an interview.

When you get the job offer, your wage rate will be determined and your employer can go ahead to file a petition with USCIS. Ignore any employer that will ask you for money to get the job or pay for a USA Visa.

Expected Interview Questions and Their Possible Answers For Dry Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Here are the most asked questions employers ask during an interview. Ensure you do through these questions as it will be very useful for you to pass the set interview a company invites you for.

Why Do You Want to Work With Us?

I really love to work with you because it will allow me to express the passion I have for the job. I also believe working with you will bring out the chance to improve myself. Furthermore, your company has been for a very long time now and I have heard a lot of good things about your company. And I believe working with you will enhance my productivity.

How Many Years have you Been a Dry Cleaner?

I have been a dry cleaner for the past five years now and I can tell you it has really been amazing. However, during those periods of time, I have learnt how I can be more efficient with my duty.

Why Do You Prefer to Work in USA and Not in Your Country?

I think productivity should not be limited to a particular resident. Being in my country as a dry cleaner has really been a wonderful experience, however, I will like to explore more cleaning skills and gain more experience.

Why do you Want to Work as a Dry Cleaner Outside of Other Professions?

Being a dry cleaner and getting to meet with people and becoming productive is what i really love doing. So, for me, this is not just a work thing but something am very passionate about.

How Long have you Worked as a Dry Cleaner?

I have been a dry cleaner for the past five years now. For these few years, I have really learnt a lot and become more professional in my field.

What is Your Working Experience as a Dry Cleaner

Being a dry cleaner over the past five years really gave me a good sense of responsibility and showed a quality attribute of speed, efficiency, accuracy and accountability. I learnt how to carry out my assignment with a sense of diligence and professionalism. Well, since it is something I do with a passion I find pleasure in doing it for fun.

How Do You Relate with Your Client?

I ensure I take customers’ needs as mine and also put their satisfaction as my priority. When a customer, is not ok with my delivery, I apologized to the customer and try to fix the issue.

Are You Able to Complete Multiple CleaningTasks in a Day?

As a professional, carrying out multi-cleaning tasks is something that I was trained to do. So, yes, I can be able to multi-task and still be very much productive for that day.

USA Work Visa for Foreign Dry Cleaners

To legally work in the USA, you need a work visa. Before you start working in the US, you must successfully complete the visa application process and receive a visa. If you want to work as a dry cleaner in the USA, the H-1B visa is the best option.

This visa enables foreign employees to work in specialized fields in the nation. Your company will assist you in obtaining the H-1B visa if you are hired as a dry cleaner in the USA.

USA Visa Sponsorship Letter for Foreign Dry Cleaners

The USA visa sponsorship letter is a letter of invitation written by your visa sponsor. This letter is important because it will help you strengthen your visa application. Note that this invitation letter can only be written by a USA Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident.

When you get a dry-cleaning job in the USA, you should ask your employer to write this letter for you as it will be useful during the visa application process.

How to Get a USA Visa Sponsorship Letter

As earlier stated, the USA visa sponsorship letter is useful during the visa application process. You can get this letter from a friend or relative. This individual must be a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident and must prove their relationship with you.

If you don’t have a family member in the USA, you should apply for a job with visa sponsorship. When you get a job offer, your employer will be the one to write this letter and complete other procedures to help you get the appropriate work visa.

Salary for Dry Cleaners in the USA

A dry cleaner in the USA makes an average of $14 per year. In a year, dry cleaners can make up to $28,000 in a year. More experienced Dry cleaners can earn over $30,000 in a year.

The salary you will earn as a dry cleaner in the USA depends majorly on the geographical region you work in and your work experience. The regions where you can earn more as a dry cleaner in the USA include Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, California, New Jersey, and Tennessee.


How Do I Get a USA Visa Sponsorship?

You can get a visa sponsorship from your spouse or close relative. You can also get visa sponsorship from a USA employer.  When you get a job that comes with a free visa, the hiring company will help you in the process of obtaining the visa. Your sponsor must be an American Citizen or Permanent Resident and above 18 years of age.

Where Can Dry Cleaners Work in the USA?

Dry cleaners work mainly in laundry services. This includes retail dry cleaning services, commercial full-service laundry services, retail full-service laundry, and lots more.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Dry Cleaner in the USA?

Apart from your pay, you also get other benefits and compensation when you work as a dry cleaner in the USA. These benefits also depend on your employer. Generally, the benefits dry cleaners get include paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, pension plans, and lots more.

What Educational Requirement is Needed to get a Dry Cleaning Job?

There is no special requirement needed for a dry-cleaning job. Although most employers will prefer a high school diploma, GED, or its equivalent. You need more soft skills than educational qualifications to get this job.

How Hard is it to Get a Job in the USA?

It’s not so hard to get a job in the USA. Although, you need to have outstanding qualifications and submit a good resume to improve your chances of getting the job.

When you find a job that suits you, write a good resume that is tailored to the job description. Also, many employers value experience and it would be an advantage if you have prior work experience.



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