Docker Wants All Developers to Build Their Own Containers

Docker wants all developers to be able to build their very own containers. It seems Christmas has come quite a bit early for Docker’s dev community.

Docker Wants Developers to Build Containers

Docker Wants Developers to Build Containers

Docker has just announced a couple of new tools set to help improve developer workflow over the next couple of months.

The company has stated that its new Docker Scout, Docker Build, and Docker Debug tools are all designed to fuse the responsiveness that are typical of local development with cloud-based collaboration.

These as you should know are all designed to help its 20-million-strong global developer community, which in question is inclusive of almost 80,000 companies as well as a large number of Fortune 100 companies.

Availability of the Three Newly Announced Tools

Of the three tools announced by the company, only one is generally available. Docker Scout however promises to add “relevant insights, policy evaluation, and contextual remediation” via integrations with popular platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, and CircleCI.

The upgraded Docker Build, which is at the moment available to utilize in public beta, claims to speed up image builds effectively by up to 39%. It however does this simply by leaning on on-demand, cloud-based servers in a bid to save team members an average of one hour per day, thus freeing them up to do more meaningful work.

What The Docker Debug Tool is Used For

Finally, Docker Debug for those that don’t know offers an integrated toolbox for debugging local as well as remote containerized apps. The tool in question, which promises to recapture lost time that is otherwise spent configuring tools, is also in public beta.

All of this in question, Docker reveals, will help developers to “quickly build, share, and run secure applications.”

Docker CEO’s Statement in regards to the New Development

Docker CEO Scott Johnston stated: “The new products we announced today meet development teams where they are with ‘just enough cloud,’ seamlessly blurring the boundaries between local and remote development. In doing so, we’re enabling these teams to accelerate their delivery of secure applications critical to their businesses.”

General Availability of the Docker Debug and the Docker Build Tools

Details on the general availability of Docker Debug as well as Docker Build are still yet to be confirmed at this point in time, but however, a full release could get to follow several months of testing.



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