Yubico and Okta Team Up To Offer Users Easy Passwordless Authentication for Their Companies

Yubico and Okta team up to offer users easy passwordless authentication for their companies. With the new development making the light, it now means that Okta becomes the very first partner for the new security keys of Yubico.

Yubico and Okta Team Up

Yubico and Okta Team Up

Yubico has just launched FIDO Pre-reg. this is a feature for those that don’t know which the firm has claimed will greatly improve the uptake of passwordless authentication.

The security key vendor making the said announcement at Oktane 23 will be partnering with identity management firm Okta in a bid to help deliver the new feature for YubiKeys acquired via a YubiEnterprise Subscription. Yubico on the other hand also claims that it is the first feature of its kind.

The supported YubiKeys in essence, will be pre-registered with Okta, thus enabling organizations to have FIDO activation out-of-the-box, and then eliminating user registration and thus reducing the burden for admins altogether.

How Yubico Describes the New FIDO Pre-Reg

Yubico has described the new FIDO Pre-reg as, “a first-to-market feature that accelerates passwordless and phishing-resistant MFA for the enterprise.” Okta on its end will be the first identity provider (IdP) that Yubico will reportedly be partnering with, with others to come in the near future.

The company also claims that making use of its security keys offers, “the most secure form of passkey authentication.” It has also stated that it wants to “make security keys mainstream in the enterprise,” with this very new feature demonstrating just how frictionless the whole experience of making use of security keys to authenticate passkeys can be.

“Organizations have historically been challenged to accelerate user adoption of phishing-resistant MFA and FIDO passkey solutions like YubiKeys at speed and scale,” Jeff Wallace, senior vice president, product at Yubico stated.

He also added that “typically, administrators manually register YubiKeys on behalf of each employee before delivering to them in-office or shipping the key to the employee’s location.”

“FIDO Pre-reg eliminates these challenges and provides a quick and easy way to adopt phishing-resistance throughout a company on day one with turnkey YubiKey activation – all while reducing IT costs.”

What Users Need To Login without a Password to Online Accounts

And in order to log in without a password to online accounts, all users in question have to do is to navigate to a web app or their Okta login page and then enter a PIN that is supplied by their IT department. US customers of Okta on the other hand will be the very first to benefit, as they will now be able to order pre-registered YubiKeys as part of a limited access period.

Acquisition of the Keys Must Be Made Through the YubiEnterprise Subscription Program

Acquisition of the keys must be made through the YubiEnterprise Subscription program and users in question must also have Okta Identity Engine (OIE), Okta Adaptive MFA (AMFA) as well as Okta Workflows.

The very first keys in question that will be compatible will be the YubiKey 5 NFC and YubiKey 5C NFC. This will then extend to all YubiKeys by the middle of the year 2024 when the feature will become generally available to almost everyone.



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